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Over a thousand-year history, people have invented many drinks, some of which have become part of cultural traditions. We will find out which drinks are beneficial for the body, and what harm they can do

Water is the basis of life, and every person needs to drink plenty of fluids every day. Thanks to water, all biochemical processes in the body take place, and the more active we are, the more water is required.

But few people are ready to drink pure water in such quantity. It can be used as part of healthy natural drinks that will nourish the body with vitamins and even help fight various diseases. Of course, no drinks can replace clean water, so you should drink it the same way throughout the day.

Consider natural drinks, they come in several types. The simplest in nature are a mixture of juice, pulp and water, for example, fruit drinks. They are easy to prepare and are a treasure trove of natural vitamins in high concentration.

More complex drinks are often prepared with bacteria. Hundreds of years ago, people noticed that some of the food left behind did not completely deteriorate, but rather changed. They become interesting to the taste and, with regular use, even improve well-being. These drinks harbor beneficial bacteria, process sugars and other compounds, and alter the properties of the liquid. This is how kvass, kombucha appeared.

Then the bacteria were specially selected and placed in the raw materials. In this way, milk alone can be turned into drinks with a wide variety of tastes and properties: yogurt, tan, acidophilus and others.

Benefits of drinks

Natural drinks increase immunity and improve well-being, as they contain many antioxidants that neutralize the harmful oxidation processes in the body. The benefits of drinks such as traditional cranberry or lingonberry juice have long been known. No wonder they are recommended as a remedy for colds.

Various juice drinks – the same fruit drinks, are a concentrate of vitamins and dietary fiber. And if you cook them yourself, they will not contain harmful preservatives, sweeteners and other “chemicals”.

Foods made with bacteria are especially beneficial. In the process of their vital activity, many unique organic acids and active compounds are formed, which were not present in the drink initially. Bacteria improve the digestion process as they colonize our intestines. Different drinks have their own set of microorganisms, so it is useful to alternate such products.

For general recovery, you need to take various natural drinks more often. They are recommended for people weakened by diseases, during the recovery period, with vitamin deficiencies.

The harm of drinks

Some drinks add too much sugar, and they will not be of much benefit. In addition, it must be borne in mind that they are quite high in calories, and such a product cannot be considered simple water.

If the drink is unusual for the intestines, it is better to start trying it a little at a time. Foods that use bacteria are especially likely to cause digestive upset. Allergic reactions are also possible – from simple redness of the skin to swelling. The higher the concentration of various substances in beverages, the higher the risk of unforeseen body reactions.

It is better to drink small children under 3 years old only with water and milk, as well as special infant formula. Adult drinks can cause a serious reaction in your toddler.

How to choose the right drinks

It is imperative to check the tightness of the packaging, if it is violated, the product quickly deteriorates. Pay attention to the composition – there should be no preservatives, dyes, sweeteners or other chemical additives. Drinks with a high sugar content are also best avoided, as their calorie content is too high and does not add to the benefits.

To be sure of the natural composition, you can prepare some drinks yourself, for example, cook fruit drinks, prepare bread kvass or keep a kombucha.

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