Fizz cocktail


Fizz cocktail (eng. fizz – foam, hiss) is a tasty, refreshing soft drink with a Presto-sparkling structure. It can be with alcohol or without it. Fizz belongs to the class of long cocktails, the main components of carbonated water and ice. Mixing Fizz ingredients, except sparkling water or any other carbonated drink, produced in a shaker, blender, or whisk.

Components of a stirred drink poured into a glass (highball) 200-250 ml with ice and top up the remaining amount of carbonated water or, as is customary in some European countries, soda. After preparation, the beverage is immediately served to the table.

The first mention of Fizz we can find in the “Guide bartender” Jerry Thomas in 1887. He submitted six recipes Fizz that became classics among a huge number of variations of this cocktail. The highest popularity Fizz cocktail received in America, 1900-1940 gg Fiz gin has become so famous and beloved that in some bars of New Orleans worked the whole team of bartenders. The preparation was similar to the conveyor of the automatic line.

The demand for this beverage led him to international fame. The evidence of this is the gene Fizz in 1950 in the cocktail list French cookbook L’art Culinaire Francais.


Recipe sour-sweet cocktail gin Fiz consists of gin (50 ml), fresh lemon juice (30ml), sugar syrup (10 ml), and sparkling water or soda water (80 ml). To make it a shaker, fill 1/3 with ice, add all ingredients, except soda water, and carefully trotted for at least one minute. Mixed drink pours into the ice-filled glass so that the ice from the shaker did not hit the glass, and add carbonated water or soda. Before serving, decorate ice with a lemon wedge. A variant of this cocktail is diamond gin Fiz – instead of sparkling water with sparkling wine.

Fizz cocktail

Fizz with chicken eggs

The least popular cocktail is the Ramos Fizz cocktail based on fresh chicken eggs. There are several types of the Ramos Fiz: silver – with whipped egg whites; Golden – with the addition of candied egg yolk; Royal – with the addition of whole whipped eggs. American Henry Ramos, the owner of a bar, the Imperial Cabinet Saloon in New Orleans, invented this cocktail in 1888. Cooking Ramos Fiza takes on bar standards, quite a lot of time (5-15 minutes), so during big holidays and festivals, Henry specially hired “shaker battle” that is only doing what was shaking the shakers. Thus, the bar could simultaneously cook up to 35 servings of Fizz.

Currently, the manual process of whipping the cocktail we usually replace by whisking in a blender. To prepare the drink needed per blender, mix a gin (45 ml), freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice (15 ml), sugar syrup (30 ml), low-fat cream (60 ml), egg, flavored water, orange blossom (3 dashes), vanilla extract (1-2 drops). After 5 minutes of whisking in a blender, you need to add 5-6 ice cubes. Then stir for one minute, pour into the prepared glass (highball) with ice and pour the remaining soda.

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Use of Fizz cocktail

In addition to alcohol, there are many soft Fizz’s, which have several useful properties. Cook them from fresh fruit and vegetable juices, iced tea, mineral sparkling water, or carbonated beverages: Tarkhun, Baikal, Pepsi, Cola, sprite. They perfectly refresh and quench the thirst in hot weather and is suitable even for children.


Apricot Fiz consists of apricot juice with pulp (60 g), lemon juice (10 g), egg whites, sugar (1 tsp.), and sparkling water (80 ml). Juices, protein, and sugar must be whipped in a blender to obtain a foam structure, pour into a glass, and add carbonated water. This drink contains vitamins (A, b, C, d, E, PP), minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, iodine), and organic acids. It is useful to drink with anemia, acidity, constipation, kidney and cardiovascular system.

Fizz cocktail

Cherry Fizz cocktail

Cherry ice preparation method is similar to the previous cocktail, but instead of orange juice, use orange juice with pulp. The drink is rich in vitamins (C, E, A, PP, B1, B2, B9), minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, iodine, etc.), and natural organic acids. Cherry juice consists of Fizz useful in respiratory and digestive systems, kidneys, constipation, and arthritis.


Firstly, carrot contains vitamins (C, E, C, b group), minerals (phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium, zinc, and others), essential oils, and carotene, which the human body in combination with egg protein is converted to usable vitamin A. Secondly, this kind of Fiza positively affects the skin. Thirdly,  it positively affects mucosal surfaces, hair, enhances visual acuity, and normalizes the work of kidneys, liver, and gallbladder.

The harm of Fizz cocktail and contraindications

Excessive alcohol from the Fizz cocktail can lead to alcohol dependence, and disruption of the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. They are also contradicted to pregnant and lactating women, children under 18, and people before driving.

Firstly, when cooking a Fizz cocktail based on raw eggs, you should make sure that the egg is fresh, its shell is clean, and not damaged. Otherwise, the use of the drink can lead to infection with Salmonella and, as a consequence, severe toxic poisoning.

In conclusion, soft Fizz cocktails should be careful to use for people who are allergic to any foods. Before preparing a cocktail, you should ensure that none of the components will cause allergic reactions. If such a component is in the recipe, then you should remove it or replace it with another more appropriate.

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