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For centuries, decoctions, infusions, ointments and any herbal derivatives have been used as the main method of treating the patient. The famous Persian scientist Avicenna believed that a doctor should have three weapons – words, plants and a knife. In Asia, herbal medicine is still practiced on a par with medicines. In the new review, ELLE has selected the most popular Russian herbs.

The beneficial properties of herbs have been known for a long time. The ancient Roman pharmacist Claudius Galen created the doctrine of active substances in medicinal plants, wrote two famous herbalists, who have not lost their relevance today. Many decoctions, tinctures and extracts are called galenic preparations. His follower Hippocrates mentions over 300 medicinal plants. In different eras, along with the development of traditional medicine, healers practiced herbal treatment.

A huge number of books, textbooks, information sites are devoted to herbal medicine. Medicinal plants can cure diseases, help keep the body in good shape. Most often, useful herbs are prescribed in a complex of therapeutic methods along with pharmacological preparations.

The popularity of herbs as a method of treatment is due to their mild harmless effect on the body, the absence of serious side effects. What herbs are useful, the phytotherapist will tell at the reception, it is dangerous to engage in independent selection of herbs for treatment.

It is difficult to choose the most useful herbs from the huge natural diversity. The most common herbs and plants available in pharmacies include chamomile, thyme, valerian, St. John’s wort, ivan tea, nettle, clover, lemon balm, coltsfoot, mint, wormwood, plantain, motherwort, yarrow, thyme, sage and dr.

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