Compote (FR. compote – to make, mix) – a dessert-non-alcoholic drink made from one kind or a mixture of fruits and berries with water and sugar. The compote is made from fresh, frozen, or dried ingredients. This drink is very popular chilled in summer. Both cold and hot fruit drinks are good sources of vitamins. Also, people make compotes for the winter storage.

The name of the drink came into our language in the 18th century from France. This is where the chef first made the compote. To this day in French pastry making fruit puree, which they call a compote.

To prepare the compote you should use ripened fruit without mechanical damage and signs of decay. These indicators influence the taste and color of the finished drink. For everyday use, the compote is made by boiling (2-5 minutes) fruits and berries (approximately 500 g) in water (3-4 liters) and sugar (6-7 tablespoons).


In the canning of competes, there are a few common recipes and techniques. The most popular are two:

1st recipe:

  • Prepared for conservation cans are well washed from dirt and residues of previous workpieces. The neck of the jars must be intact with no chipping. Sealing cap, wash from the production of grease, sterilize in boiling water for 10 minutes.
  • Fruits and berries wash in water 2 times, remove stems and inflorescences. Decompose pure ingredients so that they killed the cans to 1/4.
  • Can pour with boiling water, cover with lids and leave to cool for 15 minutes.
  • Then drain the water back into the pan where it boiled. Add sugar to compote at the rate of 200 g. 3-liter jar and re-boil.
  • Pour the boiling syrup into the berries and close with a lid.
  • Cans put upside down. For heat-conservation cover them with a blanket or any other warm clothes.

2nd recipe:

  • Wash the jars and lids and sterilize. Each jar to be sterilized in steam for 3-5 minutes or in a microwave oven for two minutes.
  • As in the first case, fruits and berries wash and clean. Then portioned fruit blanch using a colander in boiling water for 30 seconds.
  • Sterilized components for compote put in jars and add the sugar (200 g, 3-liter jar). All pour boiling water and close with a lid.
  • Same as paragraph 6 of the first recipe.

Store the compote in a dark room at a temperature of 0-20°C and a humidity of 80% for 12 months.


Compote benefits

Depending on ingredients the benefits are determined by the amount and composition of biologically active substances, vitamins, minerals, and organic acids. Also, it depends on the color and flavor of the drink. As raw materials for cooking compotes cooks use fruits: apples, apricots, pears, quinces, peaches, plums, oranges, tangerines and etc.; berries: grape, cherry, sweet cherry, cherry plum, red and black currant, gooseberry, cranberry, viburnum, dogwood, strawberries, raspberries, etc. To store in the compote all the nutrients it needs to boil for not more than 5 minutes with the lid closed.

The compote is quite a high-calorie drink because it contains sugar. In the usual form, it is not good to drink it for people with diabetes. They need to cook compotes without sugar or replace it with fructose and substitutes.

Compote of raisins doctors prescribes as a remedy against anemia, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, muscle weakness, high temperature accompanied by fever, diseases of the kidneys and heart. Also, this compote can is good for infants from the first days of life for colic, intestinal gas, and the violation of the microflora. To cook it you should wash the raisins in warm water, to remove all specks of dust and the remains of the peduncle. It is better to take not packed raisins. Clean the raisins should be put in a tea infuser, pour boiling water and leave to infuse for half an hour. When brewing tea for children you should take 5-10 raisins per 200 ml of water.

Special types benefits

Compote of a dogrose is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, and acids needed by the body during cold weather. It is especially useful for people with kidney failure and the digestive tract helps clear the body of excess fluid, normalizes metabolism, binds, and removes toxins. Dried or fresh rose hips should be crushed, pour in a thermos, add sugar, and pour boiling water. Before use, it should infuse for 3-4 hours.


Harm of compote and contraindications

Not recommended to use a large number of different fruit drinks in the hottest time of the year for people with kidney failure and pregnant women for 2-3 trimester. This can lead to the accumulation of excess fluid in the body and extra strain on the kidneys.

Fruit drinks made from sour or unripe fruits and berries you should not need to drink in the acidity of the stomach accompanied by gastritis, ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, and damaged tooth enamel.

Useful and dangerous properties of other beverages:

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