Cobbler (eng. cobbler – owner of the tavern, brewmaster) is a cocktail beverage consisting of a variety of fruit, syrups, juices, alcoholic drinks, and crushed ice.

The first cobbler was cooked in America in 1809, Made it the owner of a tavern in a sign of reconciliation after a quarrel with his wife, why she came to a complete delight, and the whole world got a new drink.

The main distinguishing feature of cobblers from other cocktails is their cooking technology. Unlike others, they don’t mix it in a shaker. The glass for the drink they fill with 2/3 crushed ice, and then added all the toppings. Decorate a glass and add in fresh (Apple, pear, orange, banana, plum) or canned (pineapple, cherries, cherry, peach, grape, apricot) fruits.

As an alcohol filler, you can use not many strong alcoholic drinks such as wine, champagne, Porto wine, or flavored liqueur. All the fruit you should evenly place in the glass. This drink is best to serve with a straw and spoon for fruit and berries. Because of the abundance of fruit in the drink, some call cobbler “fruit salad in a wine sauce”.

Cobbler history

There has been a lot of controversy about the origin of the cobbler drink. Although it is known for a certain fact that the modern recipe barman invented in America and was first mentioned in American literature in 1809, bar dictionaries and manuals are not sure about the etymology of this name. The name is most likely derived from the word “cobbler”, which in the old days meant “brewer” or “tavern owner”.

Today “cobbler” is a “medium drink”, the volume of which is increased by a large amount of ice, usually crushed or crushed. Traditionally, wine, liqueur, or other alcoholic beverage is used as a base for its preparation. Lemon juice or lime juice is added in very little or no amount.


The benefit of cobbler

Cobbler is the perfect refreshing drink, especially on hot days. Its positive properties it acquires through its constituent fruit ingredients.

So strawberry cobbler contains mixed strawberry juice (50 ml), strawberries (20 g), lemon (20 g), and vanilla (10 g) of syrup. All the ingredients barman stirrup and pour into previously prepared glass with crushed ice and berries. Top of the drink he decorates with a strawberry and cream. Cobbler with strawberries rich in vitamin C and folic acid. Enzymes out of strawberries, improve appetite and bowel function, stimulates the flow of bile and urine.

Pineapple cobbler contains pineapple and black currant juice (30 g) and slices of canned pineapple (20 g). The juice you pour into a glass with ice and decorated with a slice of lemon. This drink saves pineapple vitamins of group B, A, and PP, and a number of micronutrients. Currants enrich the drink with vitamins C, E, and antioxidants. Pineapple cobbler has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure, has anti-infective action, improves the appetite, and relieves nausea, for example during pregnancy.

Other types of cobblers

Coffee and chocolate gallery consist of coffee (20 g) or chocolate (20 g), respectively, syrups, syrup of raspberries (10 g), finely broken dark chocolate (20 g), and strong unsweetened tea (50 g). All components they mix in a mixing glass and pour into a glass for serving. Drink from the top decorates with whipped cream. Gallery of these components have a tonic effect and give a boost of energy and vigor.

Egg cobbler contains whipped raw egg, milk (20 g), strawberry juice (20 g), and orange syrup. All components mix thoroughly and pour into a glass filled with ice. Sometimes it is good to pour into the currant juice. The drink is very nutritious, rich in high in protein and useful fats. For making this drink, remember that eggs should be as fresh. In any case, you should not use an egg with a damaged shell.


The dangers of cobbler and contraindications

The composition of some of the cobblers includes alcoholic drinks, therefore, their excessive use can lead to alcoholic poisoning. You should not use such a drink if you are pregnant and lactating women and under-age children.

Also, you should pay attention to the ingredients of the drink that cause allergies.

Useful and dangerous properties of other beverages:

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