Kissel – a sweet dessert drink with a jelly-like structure. They make it based on fruit and berry compotes, compotes, juices, syrups, milk, diluted with water jam with added corn or potato starch, and grain ferments. A sweetener in the composition of the Kissel is sugar.

Kissel is a native Russian beverage. Its name comes from the common in the villages of more than 1000 years ago oatmeal Kissel. Appeared much later, the familiar fruit Kissel based on starch, has inherited this name.

It is possible to make such a jelly at home from fruit, berries, sugar, and starch. Or you may take advantage of the chemical industry’s achievements – a rapidly dissolving Kissel from packets.


How to make it?

The recipe of Kissel from natural ingredients at home is quite simple. To do this, fresh fruits and berries wash in cold water and grind in a blender into a puree. If there are berries, small bones, then you should additionally rub puree through a sieve. The result is a Cup (250 g) puree. You should pour water (2 l) into the pan, add sugar (1-3 tbsp), fruit, and berry puree. The resulting mixture brings to a boil. Separately in a beaker with water (100 ml) should be diluted starch (1-2 tbsp) gradually, stirring constantly pour it into the compote. Cooking Kissel should until thick (about 10 min). You should pour in portions into a glass or bowl for the ready drink and allow it to cool in the fridge.

Instant factory kissel you can make even easier. It would help if you boiled it as it is recommended on the package. Add the proper amount of water gradually, stirring constantly pour the contents of the package. Boil the drink for the recommended amount of time and everything is ready to drink.

Kissel benefits

The presence of starch in the Kissel makes it a very high-calorie and nutritious beverage. However, it retains all the vitamins of the fruits and berries. It can be good as a substitute for one of the meals, such as afternoon tea. For people with increased secretion of gastric juice, gastritis, or peptic ulcer disease of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors frequently recommend it for an alkalinity acidic gastric environment.

Special benefits

Blueberry Kissel improves visual acuity and positively affects the course of prevention and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and infectious diseases.

Based on apples, Kissel is best in the small amount of blood red blood cells, decreased hemoglobin, and deficiencies. Also, it is useful as a dietary meal improves digestion.

The Kissel, based on mountain ash berries, is good as a General therapy of diseases of the liver and biliary tract. It has the substances contributing to the update of bile, improving its color and quality characteristics. Besides, this pudding has a slight laxative and diuretic effect.

Warm cherry Kissel helps during the initial stages of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and inflammatory processes in the lungs. It achieves this effect due to the antiseptic properties of cherries.

Large amounts of vitamin C and acetylsalicylic acid is in cranberry Kissel that helps with colds and flu.

Kissel is perfect for drinking after eating spicy food. It irritates the mucous membranes, because its viscous structure coats the stomach wall, preventing damage and improving its performance.


The dangers of Kissel and contraindications

All the negative properties of the Kissel can we can attribute to the contained starch. The starch in the Kissel composition is an additional source of carbohydrates, which with excessive consumption can cause an Allergy or rapid weight gain.

Also, if there is an Allergy to any fruit or berry, you should not use them to prepare the drink.

Useful and dangerous properties of other beverages:

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