How fresh juice affects your body

We are used to the fact that fresh juice is a source of vitamins, minerals, and useful substances necessary for anybody. And sometimes we get too carried away, without fully knowing the information about the different sides of such fortification. After all, even the most healthy dish has its drawbacks. Sometimes they are insignificant, and sometimes they are noticeable if we are talking about regular use. What are the dangers of juice?

Juice can harm the digestive tract.

Fresh fruits contain a high concentration of acids. And in themselves, they are useful and necessary. However, in large quantities, they irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach, duodenum, and intestines. Therefore, those who have a history of chronic diseases of these organs should not get carried away with juices. It is not advisable to use them on an empty stomach.

Juice spoils your teeth.

The same acids can destroy tooth enamel and irritation the oral mucosa. That is why in establishments, juices are always served with a straw so that as little as possible, the drink gets out of the tongue and throat. Remember this, and do not drink juices after brushing your teeth or going to the dentist when the enamel is susceptible.

Juice can trigger allergies.

If you were not allergic to any of the fruits yesterday, this does not mean that it will not manifest itself at any time in your life. There is much more than one fruit juice in one glass, which can provoke an unexpected allergic reaction. This is especially true for citrus fruits.

Juice provokes weight gain.

Along with useful substances, fruit juice also contains a lot of sugars. In one glass of fresh bread, about 2 tablespoons of sugar! And so, if you are trying to get rid of extra pounds, dilute the juice with water in a convenient proportion. To reduce the number of carbohydrates.

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