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Consider today what dried fruits are and what benefits and harms to the body can come from them.

The benefits of dried fruits

  • The benefits of dried fruits for the body are known to every person today. This term includes such fruits and berries as:
  • Raisins (originally grapes) increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, normalize the work of the heart and have a good effect on digestion. It is also a source of potassium, calcium, and an excellent diuretic;
  • Dried apricots (originally apricot) strengthens vision and improves heart function. It is a source of phosphorus, potassium, and calcium;
  • Apples are good for kidney and thyroid diseases;
  • Prunes act rather as a laxative and are recommended for stomach and intestinal disorders;
  • Pears replenish the lack of vitamins in the body and go well with other dried fruits in compote;
  • Cherries are rich in vitamin C and, even when dried, retains most of their beneficial properties;
  • Blueberries perfectly help with diseases of the intestinal tract and have a good effect on vision, relieve fatigue from the eyes;
  • Bananas help fight fatigue due to their high content of endorphins;
  • Figs help to maintain a high level of mental activity and enrich the body with vitamins that help in the fight against infections;
  • Dates perfectly relieve fatigue, lower blood pressure and act as a sedative;
  • Pineapples burn excess weight and fight intestinal diseases;
  • Melon goes well in vitamin compotes with other fruits.

This list is not limited to these foods, as there are many different types of dried fruits in many countries and cultures. The food is dried until the moisture is kept at 20%. This ideal value is achieved by drying in the sun, in an oven or using industrial apparatus. The benefit of dried fruits lies in the fact that vitamins do not come out of them, they are canned. During the drying process, their number increases (with the exception of vitamin C).

Harm to the body

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  • In addition to the benefits, dried fruits can harm the body. This mainly applies to industrially manufactured products. Here’s what to look out for:
  • Before getting to the store, dried fruits are processed in production with various chemicals and wax to improve the perception of the eye. Also, insects and mold are not terrible for such a product, however, the harm is directly caused to the human body when consumed;
  • Diabetics and overweight people should not abuse dried fruits, because they are very high in calories;
  • Consumption in large quantities can be harmful to health, cause dehydration and provoke allergies;
  • Dried fruits have a negative effect on the mouth and teeth; after eating, bacteria begin to multiply faster. This is also influenced by the high sugar content in the product;
  • In the case of stomach ulcers, it is highly discouraged to eat dried fruits, because they can provoke diarrhea.

Correct production of dried fruits

First of all, it is worth going through the fruits and berries and getting rid of excess dirt, twigs, small insects, and rotten fruits. Then you should rinse them with plenty of water and cut them into small, even parts, then treat the products from possible mold formation with a saline solution in a salt/water ratio – 20g / 1l.
After all the preparations, future dried fruits are laid out on a wooden surface with sufficient distance from each other. You should not choose metal as a surface. fruits and berries may turn black over time. Berries are best dried in warm weather in the shade (if you’ve chosen the sun drying method). At night and during humid times of the day, the workpieces should be removed indoors. Dry rooms are a significant plus in this process. It will take up to 5 days for dried fruits to be fully cooked.
Drying dried fruits in the oven requires careful attention. Thin workpieces should be laid out on a wire rack and dried at a temperature of ~ 70 degrees for about 12 hours. The oven door should be kept open for regular air intake.
To determine the readiness of dried fruits, you should lightly press on them with an object with a wide surface. If they are ready, no juice should be released. But they should not be hard either, this indicates an excessively small amount of moisture and dryness. You can store the resulting products in glass containers or plastic bags in a fairly cool and dry place. If you have a locker that doesn’t receive sunlight, this is a great solution.
Compote made from self-prepared dried fruits has more benefits and will be much tastier than purchased ones because they have not been mechanically processed.

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