Cherry liqueur


Cherry liqueur (eng. cherry liqueur) is an alcoholic beverage infused with cherry fruits and leaves based on grape brandy with sugar. The strength of the drink is about 25-30.

Thomas Grant from the town of Kent in England invented the cherry brandy. He made Liqueur from a single variety of black cherries Morell. However, now manufacturers use virtually all varieties. In addition to England, cherry liqueurs are popular in Germany, France, and Switzerland.

For making cherry liqueur, they use ripened cherries with bone. The core of the bone, at the insistence, gives the drink a bitter taste and aroma of almonds. Pressed juice out of cherries with pits connects with pure brandy and sugar syrup and infuses months before the full flavor. Bright red liqueur lends due to the vegetable dyes.

Cherry liqueur

The technology of the production of homemade cherry liqueurs.

There is a large number of recipes. Here is one of them. At the beginning of the cooking, wash the cherries (1.5 kg), separate them from the stalk, and place them in a glass vessel. Then pour the cooled thin sugar syrup (600 g of sugar per 1 liter of water) and clean alcohol (0.5 l). For flavor and some spice, add vanilla sugar (1 packet – 15 grams), cinnamon stick, cloves (3-4 buds). The resulting mixture tightly close, allow infusing for 3-4 weeks in a warm place or the sun, while every other day of the infusion, shake the mixture. After this time filter and bottle the drink. Received cherry liqueur is the best to store in a cool dark place.

The most well-known brands of cherry liqueur are Peter Heering Cherry Liqueur, de Kuyper, Bols, Cherry Rocher, and Garnier.

Usually, people drink cherry brandy as a digestif with a dessert.

Cherry liqueur in a glass

Benefits of cherry liqueur

Cherry liqueur, due to the content of cherries, has the same useful and healing properties. It is rich in B vitamins, C, E, A, PP, N. Contains organic acids, pectin, sucrose, and minerals – zinc, iron, iodine, potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, fluorine, copper, chromium, manganese, cobalt, rubidium, boron, nickel, vanadium, and others.

Rare enough minerals in cherries, which you may rarely find in other foods. They ensure the health and youth of the whole body. Cherry liqueur is full of folic acid, which positively affects the work of the female reproductive system.

Natural red dye cherries (anthocyanins) have an antioxidant effect. Natural cherry liqueur contributes to hematopoietic activity, strengthens blood vessels and capillaries, rejuvenates the cells, and reduces the pressure. Due to the rich presence of vitamins and minerals, the consumption of liquor in small doses improves the brain and nervous system’s activity.

Cherry brandy very well boosts the immune system. It is best to add it to the tea (2 tsp.) and drink at least twice a day. As a result, the body is filled with all the vitamins for immunomodulation.

Cherry liqueur with a tea of hibiscus and oregano helps with epilepsy, mental disorders, and stress. This tea is best to take in the afternoon.

In case of bronchitis and tracheitis, take 20 ml of cherry liqueur to mitigate cough, and it helps expectoration.

In rheumatism, it may be useful to make a compress with cherry liqueur, which is diluted by half with warm water, moisten with it a cheesecloth and apply to the painful place. The therapeutic effect you can achieve due to the presence of salicylic acid.

In cosmetology

Cherry liqueur is widely popular for the manufacture of degreasing and rejuvenating masks for the face and hair. Depending on the hair’s length, mix 50-100 g of cherry liqueur in a ceramic container, the juice of one lemon, and two tablespoons of potato starch. You should evenly apply the mixture before washing the head over the entire length. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and towel and leave for 40 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and shampoo every day. As a mouthwash, it is possible to use water with lemon juice or vinegar.

The same mask can be good for the face; just make it thicker using more starch, so it did not spread. The mask on the skin you should keep not more than 20 minutes. After this time, you should rinse the mask with warm water and lubricate the skin day cream.

Cherry liqueur

The harm of cherry liqueur and contraindications

Cherry brandy is contraindicated for people with chronic ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis, diabetes.

It would help if you did not eat liquor with high acidity of gastric juice due to inherent cherry citric and malic acids, which overly irritate.

Kidney disease is a clear sign of refusing the cherry liqueur since it has a diuretic effect.

Also, do not forget that, despite its sweetness, the liquor is still an alcoholic beverage that is contraindicated for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children.

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