Cleanliness in the house – cleanliness in the head

In her worldview, all things have their own energy, live their own lives, and, accordingly, if things are not picked up for a long time, they fall into hibernation. Things can get upset, tense up, affect the space and people around.   

The material world around you is a reflection of your inner world. Look at yourself from the other side, go into your house as if another person lives here and track your thoughts. What would you think of this person? A pile of dusty magazines and books, clothes piled up in a heap, dirty windows – the owner hardly has a decisive, courageous character, loves and accepts himself, lives to the fullest of his chest and is open to everything new. People who hold on to the past cannot move forward. The source of vital energy for them is plugged at every corner. 

Here is the answer to the main question: why bother? So that through the material world we can influence the inner world. So that when sorting through the rubble in our closet, we eliminate the chaos of thoughts, and depressive programs about the hopelessness of being disappear along with the “senile” dust from distant corners. Feng Shui experts, bioenergetics and psychologists agree that a cluttered home attracts negativity. Let’s figure out how to use cleaning to attract positive changes into your life, and clean up negative ones. 

What will we get on the energy plane by tidying up in different spaces of the apartment? 

Bedlam in the hallway can lead to a lack of money and quarrels. This is the face of your home, the first thing you see every time you return home. Open the cash flow, finally throw out these old packages and useless small things. 

The bathroom is rightfully considered the face of the hostess, reminding her of the beauty of a woman. If there is plaque and stale towels everywhere, then perhaps the woman has some kind of complexes and disputes with her self-esteem. It’s about self love. A good practice is to confess your love to yourself every morning, looking in the mirror in the bathroom. 

The toilet room area is our unconscious, intuitive. Brushing aside our inner desires, suppressing our inner voice and intuition, we will not do anyone well. It only ends with another internal war. Listen to yourself, don’t ignore your real feelings. 

The kitchen represents the abundance and well-being of life. Food makes up a large part of human life, so it is important not only what we eat, but also how, by whom and where it is cooked. Who has not come across a situation where the hostess, in frustrated feelings, begins to cook a dish doomed to failure. Or when, on the contrary, a woman

adds a special spice to food – love. Then everything turns out delicious. If there is a lot of excess in the kitchen, problems with excess weight may arise. 

The living room in the apartment is the point of our interaction with the world, because it is here that we receive guests. The mess in this zone indicates conflicts with people, quarrels with loved ones, loneliness and alienation. Let this be a place of unity, a magnet for good people, let it be free and light here. 

The most personal place in the apartment is the bedroom. There should not be extra items that are not related to sleep and rest. This is only your world, trust, intimacy, love are glimmering here. Clutter in the bedroom can be a symptom of problems in your personal life. 

How to keep order? 

Distribute the cleaning work evenly by designating a different day of the week for each zone. Leave in the house only what resonates in your heart.

Use convenient containers for sorting. For example, boxes and containers for storage.

Try to follow the principle of the dummy – if you took something, then put it back in its place. Opened, then closed. Eat – immediately wash the dishes. If you drop something, pick it up. Pulled out of the closet – return the item to its place after use. 

Walk around the house and find all the things that need fixing, then dedicate one of them every day. On Monday, screw in a light bulb, on Tuesday, drive in a nail, and on Wednesday, glue the wallpaper. The list will run out by the end of the week. 

Keeping your house in order, taking care of your appearance, and keeping track of the order of your thoughts are all habits that need to be cultivated. And remember, harmful programs with the opposite effect are activated only from one thing – dislike for yourself and the world. 

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