Julep (Arab. Gulab – rose water) – chilled cocktail, the main ingredient of fresh mint. Its preparation barmen use the following components: alcoholic beverages, syrups, mineral water, fresh fruit, and berries. Initially, the julep, like sugar water, was used to dilute bitter drugs, medicines, and liquors.

The first mention of this cocktail dates back to 1787 in the works of American writers John Milton and Samuel Pepys, and in 1800 it became popular all over the world.

Traditionally in America, bartenders make it based on Bourbon. At that time, the julep they served in a small silver circle with a lid.


The classic recipe includes julep dissolved in water at the bottom of the glass sugar or sugar syrup, crushed mint, liqueur (depending on taste preferences). You can use rum, whiskey, bourbon, cognac, vodka, and other alcoholic drinks), and crushed ice. It is served in a wide tall glass, pre-chilled in the freezer.

Due to the small amount of mint, the drink is considered the “younger brother” of such a cocktail like mojitos. You can use fruit and berry additives: Apple, peach, pineapple, pomegranate, strawberry, grape, birch, and cherry juices.

Excluding alcoholic julep recipes, there is a lot of soft. The most popular are the fruity juleps.


Julep benefits

Julep is perfect for drinking on hot summer days. It is very refreshing, cooling, and gives strength and vigor. Menthol is released from the mint in a drink that has many medicinal and beneficial properties. It has an antiseptic and antispasmodic effect, also promotes vasodilation. Julep perfectly calms the nervous system, enhances digestion, improves appetite, and helps with nausea and vomiting.


Mint is also a wonderful tonic for the heart muscle. Julep helps to reduce heart palpitations and normalize heart rhythm and restore blood circulation. For people with diabetes, the julep is a good means to improve the activities of the pancreas.


Lemon julep includes fresh lemon juice (200 ml), fresh powdered mint (50 g), lemon and mint syrup (10 g), and ice. This drink is rich in vitamins C, A, B, R. besides, substances in the lemon help bind and remove toxins from the body, especially the liver.


Raspberry julep bartenders obtain by mixing raspberry juice (180 ml), peppermint syrup (10 g), ice, fresh raspberries, and sprigs of mint for decoration. Drink with raspberries contain many acids, vitamins C, b, E, A, PP, and various trace elements. Substances from raspberries have a beneficial effect on sexual organs, both men and women. Raspberry julep enhances the body’s hematopoietic function body stabilizes the heart rhythm, and stimulates the stomach’s smooth tissues.


To prepare the cherry julep, they use cherry juice (120 ml), better fresh birch juice (60 ml), mint syrup (20 g), crushed ice, a cherry as decoration on the glass. This kind of julep contains vitamins PP, B1, B2, C, E, amino acids, and trace elements. Minerals cherries contribute to the development of red blood cells, strengthen blood major channels and minor capillaries. This drink quenches thirst and increases appetite.


The dangers of julep and contraindications

Firstly, Juleps are not good to drink in the intense heat and big volumes. This can cause a serious imbalance of body temperature and the external environment and, consequently, lead to respiratory diseases, including pneumonia.

Do Not drink mint juleps with allergic reactions to menthol or suffering from low pressure.

If quite often heartburn, then drink juleps could aggravate the situation.

Shouldn’t use this drink for women treated for infertility or trying to conceive; excessive eating of mint and mint syrups may suppress ovarian activity and delay the release of eggs from the follicle.

Mint Julep | How to Drink

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