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Fruits are one of the richest sources of vitamins and nutrients. They are often used in various diets, because they are not too high in calories, help to dull hunger and have the properties of products – “fat burners”

Fruit is an essential element of proper nutrition. For a complete diet, it is important to eat plant foods. We will find out what the benefits of fruits are and how to avoid possible harm to the body.

The benefits of fruits

Fruit is a good substitute for sugar and unhealthy sweets. In addition to fructose, which gives the fruit a sweet taste, they contain fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Some fruits help to maintain a good mood and ease the recovery from depressive conditions due to special substances in their composition.

The concentration of fiber and vitamins in the peel of the fruit is higher than in the pulp. Therefore, many fruits are healthier to eat with the peel.

Fruit harm

Fruit should be consumed in moderation. Otherwise, hypervitaminosis, allergies, and indigestion may develop. Overuse of citruses leads to the destruction of tooth enamel and can trigger gastritis or ulcers due to the high concentration of acids. In case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, fresh fruits should be replaced with thermally processed ones – this reduces the acidity in their composition and facilitates the assimilation process. When preparing compotes, baked fruits, jams, sugar should be added limitedly.

Fruits are often included in the diet of various diets, but some of the fruits are extremely high in calories. For example, bananas are high in protein, and sour lemon has a higher sugar concentration than strawberries. Excessive consumption of fruits, especially acidic ones, increases the secretion of gastric juice, which can, on the contrary, increase the feeling of hunger. Long-term fruit diets can harm the body, so the fruits should be alternated with other foods to keep the diet complete.

Eating fruits and other foods at the same time can lead to fermentation in the stomach and intestines, causing bloating and abdominal pain. It is best to eat fruits separately from other meals and in the morning.

You should also be careful when drinking fruit juices. Due to harmful preservatives and additives in packaged juices, it is recommended to replace it with freshly squeezed one. But its use must be limited. Concentrated juice contains much more vitamins and acids than could be consumed in the form of whole pieces of fruit, so there is a danger of surpassing the daily allowance imperceptibly and provoking allergies or gastritis.

How to choose the right fruit

Most useful are seasonal fruits ripened in natural conditions on the ground. In greenhouse fruits, the concentration of nutrients is lower, and the level of various toxins is higher due to the active use of fertilizers. It is also dangerous to buy fruits from highways or grown in unfavorable environmental conditions, as fruits absorb toxins from soil, water and air.

Choose ripe fruits, unripe fruits can provoke an upset stomach. Fruits should be even, free from spoiled areas and signs of disease and rot.

In addition to fresh fruits, frozen and dried fruits without sugar, dried in the sun or in a special dryer, are useful. Most of the vitamins are preserved in this form.

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