Сruchon – refreshing cold beverage, typically alcoholic, made of fresh and canned fruit and berries and blend wines. The enrichment of the drink with bubbles of carbon dioxide bartenders usually adds champagne or sparkling mineral water.

Сruchon, because of a slight similarity in the scheme of preparation, you can name “brother of punch” and “a distant cousin of the cocktail.” This drink is very convenient to cook before the arrival of the company of friends. In a large pitcher or a special dish for punch. Then pour portions in small crystal glasses. It is necessary to cool the drink before serving to a temperature of 8-10°C and add a small ice amount.

Cruchon history

There are two legends of the Сruchon creation. Both belong to the France of the 18th century. The first Сruchon was invented by a servant of the masters of the “Golden youth” of France. After every party for its use, they merge in one ware all remnants of alcohol and drinking the resulting “explosive mixture.” About such experiments have learned the master chef and used this knowledge to his benefit. (Not to leave a few open bottles of wine for himself), but to give this drink to the table, adding fruit and ice. Hosts and guests appreciated the drink. Its fame quickly spread throughout the capital and France in general. The name of the drink came from the jug, popular to serve it.

According to another legend, the drink was created by the Vicomte de Сruchon. To attract to the exhibition of wines in Versailles visitors, he experimented and created a drink. It consisted of several varieties of wines, fruit, sugar, and ice. Visitors liked it so much. Supplied at the exhibition, the drink became one of Paris’s most popular drinks and took a name in honor of the Creator.


To prepare a Сruchon, you need to follow a few rules:

  • Choose berries and fruits so that they are each other’s complements, and the taste of the fruit did not interrupt the taste of the other. A good combination is peaches and oranges, melon and pineapple, melon and strawberry, watermelon and cherry, Apple and pear, etc. the Main feature of the Сruchon is that fruits and berries should retain their shape, and in any case not pressed. The pulp of melon and watermelon is best to clean out with a special spoon to form neat balls.
  • Alcoholic beverages should be light with a small strength. Perfect for the Сruchon may be white and red table wine. Possible to add the brandy or liqueur, but not more than 40-80 ml in three-liter Сruchon.
  • Sugar is best to add depending on the sweetness of the original fruit and alcoholic beverages. This is usually no more than 150-200 g per three liters. For the sugar to dissolve completely in the drink, you can use powdered sugar or prepare the sugar syrup.
  • For deletion of the Сruchon to the desired volume, you can use sparkling mineral water, fruit juices, cider, or champagne. It would help if you remembered that champagne is not good to mix with other wines. It is best to add just before serving.
  • The drink must stand at least two hours. This will enable the fruits and berries of the highest to give the whole taste and aroma.

According to the etiquette rules, the champagne cocktail is best to serve in a special glass with a straw, small spoon, or a skewer of berries and fruits.

Benefits of the Сruchon

The positive properties of the Сruchon depend on the ingredients of which it consists.

Watermelon Сruchon

A Сruchon of watermelon is rich in vitamins C and A. You can prepare it directly in a cleaned water-melon crust. This requires a circle to cut the top part of the watermelon, where the tail is. Scrape the inside with a spoon of all the pulp, add all ingredients, and add the pulp’s cleaned seeds. The filing of this Сruchon looks very original.


Peach Сruchon

Peach Сruchon has vitamins A, PP, C, E, and minerals – iron, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium. Its use stimulates digestion, the formation of red blood cells, dilutes the blood. The use of a soft peach champagne cocktail may be allowed by doctors for pregnant women during toxicosis. To prepare a Сruchon of peaches, you need peaches (1kg) clean, brushed from the skin and seeds, cut into quarters, and put in a deep container under the Сruchon. On top of the peaches, pour sugar (400 g) and pour the juice of two medium lemons. To the whole mass, poured with water (2 l), stir to dissolve the sugar, and leave for 24 hours in the refrigerator. Before serving, add a bottle of champagne and liqueurs (250 g).

Melon Сruchon

Melon Сruchon contains vitamins: E, C, PP, And organic acid: folic and Niacin, minerals: potassium, calcium, iron, and sodium. Drinking Сruchon with melon strengthens the immune system, the hemoglobin in the blood and stimulates urination. You can prepare the melon champagne cocktail like watermelon directly inside the cleaned-out melon. There you should pour wine (1 bottle), brandy (40 ml), and melon liqueur (60 ml). The beautiful design of melon is better to clean it with a special round spoon, which forms smooth balls. Further melon balls gently shift the mixture of alcoholic drinks, add sugar (2 tbsp) and stir. In the fridge – let the drink infuse for 2-3 hours; just before serving, pour the champagne and add ice cubes.

The harm of Сruchon and contraindications

You should not indulge in a chilled champagne cocktail in hot weather because the temperature difference can cause colds.

Alcoholic champagne cocktails are not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing women, children under 18 years, and people with disorders of the nervous system.


Useful and dangerous properties of other beverages:

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