The serum is a by-product of making cheese, curd, and casein, obtained by heating sour milk, rolling and straining. The milk coagulation process can occur naturally as a result of its souring or addition of food acids.

A healthy and nutritious drink has been famous since the time of Hippocrates. He recommended using it in diseases of the liver, lungs, and various forms of psoriasis. In the early 18th century, whey was popular as a diuretic, tonic, sedative. Doctors prescribed it for diarrhea, dysentery, poisoning, and kidney stones.

Modern cheese plants put the serum on sale in plastic bottles and packs of 1 liter.


This is a by-product of milk processing – when sour milk is heated, it is separated under the influence of temperature into a liquid fraction (whey) and lumps of curdled protein (curd). Usually, the serum is light yellowish or cloudy white, sweetish sour. The hue of taste depends on the production method. When making soft cheese or cottage cheese, you obtain sour whey; when making hard cheese, it is rather sweetish.

90% of liquid whey is water, and the remaining 10% contains many nutrients. There is also whey powder – a powder without excess liquid, a source of nutrients (you can add it to dishes, use it in cosmetics, dilute it with water and get liquid milk whey).

The product contains:

  • calcium, potassium, phosphorus;
  • glucose, lactose;
  • biotin, tocopherol, beta-carotene, choline;
  • iron, sodium, magnesium;
  • citric, lactic, nucleic acid;
  • vitamins B, C;
  • amino acids, fatty acids.

How to make serum at home?

How to Make Whey and Five Ways to Use It

Also, you can make serum at home. There are two simple recipes:

  1. Homemade milk (1 l) place in a warm place for its natural souring. Then, the resultant yogurt you should bring to a boil and allow cooling. As a result of heating, clots of curd, which you must filter through a cheesecloth. You can use the readily filtered serum. The resulting cheese can be the basis of casseroles, gelatin desserts, or cheesecakes.
  2. 1 liter In store-bought pasteurized milk (1 l) heated to a boil, you should pour freshly squeezed juice of one lemon. Stir and remove from heat. It happens a bundle of milk serum and cheese that you want to share, as in the first recipe, using cheesecloth.

In industrial-scale serum used as the basis of cosmetic products: ready-made masks, face creams, shampoos, balms, and hair conditioners.


The use of serum

The serum contains vitamins (groups b, C, A, E, H), minerals (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus), milk sugar, and lactic acid bacteria. The molecular structure of a protein allows it to quickly absorb and engage in the processes of division, growth, and cell renewal.

The serum is beneficial for the organism as a whole. It has a restorative effect, normalizes the secretory function of the stomach. Nutritionists enter the whey in the diet of people with overweight to enhance metabolic processes and excretion of toxins and the main product of the fasting day.

The drink is also useful in diseases of the cardiovascular system, reduced immunity, disruption in the production of hormones, particularly sex.

Medicinal use

Doctors gastroenterologists recommend using the serum in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Such as gastritis, colitis, ulcers, relief of internal inflammation, stimulation of the intestine, the inhibition of putrefactive processes, and the restoration of microflora. Edema during pregnancy associates with poor kidneys; the doctors recommend drinking the serum for excretion of excess fluid and normalizing the kidneys’ work.


This product is very rich in B vitamins. Therefore it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Cow’s milk whey reduces flatulence and helps restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. Due to its rich composition, it is popular in the production of baby food.


This product is rich in antioxidants and therefore has a rejuvenating effect. Goat whey contains many amino acids and a vital element for the body – cobalt, involved in hematopoiesis, enzymatic reactions, liver, and nervous system functions.


This product is a powder made from natural raw materials – that is, ordinary liquid whey. In fact, beneficial components remain in the dry powder, and excess water (which makes up 90% of liquid whey) is absent. You can add the powder to food, drinks. Athletes use it as a nutritional source when building muscle. It is whey powder that is part of dry infant formula, easily absorbed by the child’s body and provides it with good nutrition.

Fermented milk whey powder:

  • nutritious, quickly satisfies the feeling of hunger, you can use it during a diet and active sports;
  • useful, rich in vitamins and minerals, you can consume it during pregnancy;
  • suitable for daily use (in the absence of contraindications, whey does not do any harm in reasonable dosages).

Powdered milk whey is good to be included in the menu for people suffering from hypertension, atherosclerosis. As well as for heart disease, pulmonary insufficiency, and anemia. It will be useful for violations of the gastrointestinal microflora, prolonged stress, overwork, regular mental stress.


How is serum used?

Whey is used for making masks for the face and hair. It helps exfoliate dead, nutrition, and rejuvenation healthy cells. The serum also removes the consequences of the negative effects of sun rays, wind, dust, and toxins. You should clean it daily with a cotton pad soaked in serum with lemon juice for bleaching normal and oily skin. To get rid of freckles, you can prepare a mask of curd (3 tbsp) and serum (3 tbsp). The resulting mixture is put on thoroughly cleansed skin, smooth a thin layer for 10 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. For the hair to add Shine and make them more robust, you need to rinse with the serum after the usual shampooing of the hair.

The serum is good to prepare some infant food because it contains protein closest to natural milk. It is best for making various types of dough for baking, pancakes, pancakes, as a marinade for meat and fish, and the basics of cold soups.

10 Uses Of Leftover Whey From Making Cheese and Yogurt - Homesteading Life

Is whey good for children?

Recall that whey is used in baby food production, and the ingredients for baby food are carefully selected and strictly controlled. Considering the rich composition and positive effect of whey on the body, we can say – yes, fermented milk whey is useful for children within acceptable limits. Of course, if the child is not allergic to dairy products or individual intolerance. It is recommended to give children no more than 300 ml of serum per day.

The effect

The effect of whey on the child’s body:

  • enriches with vitamins and minerals;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • improves the digestive tract;
  • ensures the healthy development of the cardiovascular, nervous, and digestive systems.

The taste

The taste of whey can be called specific; not all children like it. If a child refuses to drink such a healthy product, you can mix it with other ingredients and make the whey taste less pronounced or even invisible. For example, you can prepare berry cocktails, fruit jelly, or jelly on its basis. The easiest way is to mix the “secret” milk ingredient with juice that the child loves and enjoys drinking.

If a woman has no contraindications, then it will be useful to include whey in the diet. This product will help improve the digestive system’s functioning, strengthen the immune system, provide the body with energy, and contribute to the proper formation of the child’s skeleton (recall that serum is rich in calcium and other useful substances).


The calorie content of the drink is small – about 20 kcal per 100 ml of liquid. At the same time, the drink is very nutritious and helps to replenish energy. You can include whey in your diet for those who are losing weight and sportsmen who seek to build muscle – nutritious milk liquid will help achieve the goal. Losing weight whey will help:

  • normalize metabolism, and this, in turn, will help you get rid of excess weight faster;
  • maintain normal muscle mass (thanks to the amino acids included in the product);
  • organize a healthy and low-calorie snack (only about 40 kcal in a glass of whey).

To improve the taste, you can add any spices or herbs to the drink. Mix it with vegetable or fruit juice, berry puree, honey. Those who follow a diet should drink a glass of a healthy drink half an hour before eating – this will help normalize the digestive tract, improve metabolism, fill the body with useful and nutrients, and reduce the size of the subsequent portion of food (after a glass of whey, you will want to eat less).


Cheese and curd serum is are popular ingredients in cosmetology, using it as an external agent – it helps to improve the condition of the skin and hair.


You can use the serum as an independent agent, a component of nourishing masks, and add it to creams.

  • Self-service cosmetic: heat the liquid to 36–37 ° C, moisten a cotton pad, and wipe the skin. Rinse off after 15 minutes with warm water.
  • Masks: Add whey to homemade masks instead of water—mix whey powder with other nutritious ingredients – egg white, honey, clay.
  • Ready-to-use cream: add a little serum to a serving of cream before enriching its composition.

In the presence of irritation and inflammation on the skin, you can treat it with fermented milk serum in its pure form or add it to various creams and ointments (it is more convenient to use a powder for these purposes).
For skin problems, not only external but also internal use of the serum is useful. This product suppresses yeast fungi’ activity, improves the microflora in the body, promotes the healing of inflammations and irritations, and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. This affects not only the internal organs but also the skin.


Milk serum has a positive effect on the health of the scalp and can get rid of dandruff. It also makes hair more manageable, plump and gives it shine. The simplest hair mask with this ingredient is fermented milk serum at a temperature of 37–40 ° C. Distribute the liquid over the entire length of clean hair, rub it into the scalp, and cover with plastic wrap or a towel to achieve the sauna effect. After 20-30 minutes, You can wash the mask off. The recommended frequency of application is once a week.

Hair masks can be multi-component by adding herbal decoctions, nourishing oils, or vitamins in liquid form to milk whey.

The harm of serum and contraindications

An absolute contraindication to the use of fermented milk whey is immunity to milk protein, individual intolerance. In other cases, fresh and high-quality whey will only be beneficial if consumed in moderation (0.5-1 liters per day).

Harmful effects

The serum has a mild laxative effect, so when consumed in large quantities, it can cause gastrointestinal upset. A serum that has expired or has been stored improperly can be harmful – if you use such a product, you can get serious poisoning. It is advised to store liquid homemade serum no more than 5 days, store-bought – no more than 2-3 days from the moment the bottle is opened if the shelf life is normal. From the point of view of storage, it is more convenient to use dry whey – it is stored longer (up to 12 months), and you can make a healthy drink from it at any time.

Useful and dangerous properties of other beverages:


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