Mors (article Rus. Moores – water with honey) – soft drink, in most cases soft drinks based on fruit juice, water, and sugar or honey. Also for spiciness, you can add flavor to the juice, such as the zest of citrus fruits, spices (cinnamon, cloves, coriander), and medicinal herbs tincture (St. John’s wort, sage, peppermint, Melissa, etc.).

Mors refers to the ancient drink, which was cooked in Russia. Ingredients used mainly forest berries: cranberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, barberries, dog rose, viburnum, and others. In addition to berry fruit drinks, it may be out of vegetables – beets, carrots, pumpkin.

Fruit drinks you can prepare yourself or buy in the store.

Mors History

A fruit drink is a drink from berries, fruits with the addition of water and sugar or honey. Morse is such an ancient drink that it is almost impossible to find its origins. The earliest descriptions of morse take place in Byzantine records. Its name comes from the word “mursa” – water with honey. Ancient fruit drink was sweetened water with beneficial properties. Modern mors is usually from berries and fruits, squeezing juice from them and boiling the cake remaining after pressing. Morse has become one of the traditional Russian drinks, without which not a single feast can do. For its preparation, they use lingonberries, cranberries, cloudberries, blueberries, blueberries, blackberries, currants, and other berries.

In the process of making Mors at home, you should use defined rules:

  • use only boiled water – it will not allow the foam on the surface of the juice. Also, it is best to use non-carbonated mineral water from artesian sources;
  • to use cookware that is not oxidized;
  • for extracting the juice from fruits and berries you should use a manual or electric juicer. Before applying it make sure that internal parts of the machine are no remaining contaminants from previous uses, they can significantly affect the taste of the beverage and shelf-life;
  • before adding the sugar dissolve it in hot water, and after cooling add to a drink.

The factory juice is less beneficial than the home one because the cooking process is at the stage of sterilization (120-140°C). It destroys a greater number of natural vitamins. Manufacturers compensate for this loss of nutrients with synthetic vitamins.


Juice, prepared at home, serve chilled in a jug with ice cubes, a slice of lemon or orange. You should keep the drink in a cool place or the refrigerator door, but no more than a day, otherwise the juice starts to lose its useful properties. For children, the fruit drinks can be given from 6 months, but only of those foods that do not cause allergies, and not more than 100 g a day.

The benefits of Mors

Warm juice is a good preventive of colds in the cold season. Mors, with added medicinal herbs, such as plantain, elderberry, nettle, has anti-cough and immunomodulatory effects. Fruit drinks contain all the available in berries vitamins (C, b, K, PP, A, E) minerals (potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper, barium, etc.), pectin, and organic acids (citric, benzoic, malic, tartaric, acetic).

The most healthful fruit drinks are cranberry, raspberry, blueberry, black currant, and blueberry. They exert a tonic, strengthening effect, provide energy and help fight respiratory diseases. Cranberry juice stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and improves appetite. Cranberry juice reduces the temperature, helps in the treatment of diseases of the throat and lungs (acute respiratory infections, angina, bronchitis), urogenital system, hypertension, anemia, and atherosclerosis, is shown to women during pregnancy, especially in the winter time and 2-3 trimester. A drink made from blueberries and blackberries improves vision, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, calms the nervous system. The juice of black currant normalizes blood pressure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, is a good anti-inflammatory agent.


In addition, fruit drinks, for example, from lingonberry, are famous for improving appetite, blueberry and raspberry fruit drinks are good for bronchitis, a drink from black currant normalizes blood pressure and strengthens blood vessels, and from cranberry, it helps with fever, atherosclerosis and anemia.

How to cook

To prepare 1.5 liters of juice you need to use 200 g of berries, 150 g of sugar. You should wash berries in cold water, sort, and pour in boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes over low heat, discard in a colander and squeeze the juice. Mix the juice with broth, add sugar and spices. Drink bring to a boil. Vegetable fruit drinks you can make similar. But first, squeeze the juice, and boil the meal. For better absorption of nutrients, fruit drinks you should drink 30-40 minutes before meals with normal acidity in the stomach and 20-30 minutes at high.

Fruit drinks like mors also help in the fight against obesity. If done once a week fasting days with the use of fruit drinks, you can significantly reduce it.

The dangers of Mors and contraindications

Fruit drinks are contraindicated in children under 6 months because they can cause allergies.

You should not use an excessive amount of fruit drinks in the hottest time of the year – this can cause swelling and also allergies such as rashes on the skin.

How to Make Mors Drink (морс)

Useful and dangerous properties of other beverages:

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