From the 3rd century to the present day: how the eggnog helps the body

The drink based on raw eggs is hundreds of years old. In different countries, the name of an egg-and-sugar cocktail sounds differently: hugger-mugger in English, Gogle-Mogle Yiddish, kogel-mogel Polish, kuddelmuddel – say the Germans. Rough translation – a hodgepodge, a mixture of anything.

There are many versions of the occurrence of eggnog. The most popular legend ascribes the Cantor Gogel’s authorship from Mogilev, who lost his voice once, not at a good day for himself. And to quickly return his own “tool,” he whipped the yolks of fresh eggs with salt and sugar, added the bread, and drank the drink. Oddly enough, it helped, even though the way singers treat throat with raw eggs has long been known.

Another version is that the eggnog was invented by German pastry chef Manfred Beckenbauer, who was looking for ways to preserve sweetness. But historians believe that eggnog came long before these stories. References Dating from the third century AD, include a starter of egg mixed with honey.

From the 3rd century to the present day: how the eggnog helps the body

The eggnog’s basic recipe includes chilled raw yolk, always fresh, chicken eggs, whipped with a piece of butter. You can add to the cocktail milk, salt, cocoa, nutmeg, or sugar. Eggnog can be prepared with the addition of syrups, fresh juices from fruit or berries, honey, alcohol, chocolate, coconut, vanilla, and many other ingredients according to taste.

The drink had the reputation as a painkiller for diseases of the throat, vocal cords, colds, or flu. Eggnog with honey helps to relieve sore throat and cough, but provided that you are not allergic to honey. You can also add orange or lemon juice.

How to cook

Mix the yolk, pour it with 2 cups of hot milk, add 6 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of citrus juice. Warm-up and gently put the white of an egg, whipped with sugar. Take the drink on an empty stomach.

  • Option for children

You can crumble a cookie or cake in the children’s eggnog – it will be good instead of a hearty meal. It is important that the child was not allergic to the cocktail, egg white, or honey components.

  • Fruit

To prepare fruit eggnog, you must beat the 2 egg yolks, a pinch of salt, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, and half a Cup of juice – orange, cherry, pomegranate – any! Then you add 2 cups of cold milk and half a Cup of ice water. Separately whip the whites until foam and add to the cocktail.

And in Poland, into the eggnog, they decided to add raspberries and strawberries. Yolks pound with sugar, protein, whipped in a lush foam, mix with berries and lemon juice.

  • Adult

Eggnog with alcohol – sweet cocktail. You must mix the egg yolks, cream, sweet syrup, alcohol (rum, wine, cognac, brandy, whiskey), and add ice. Serve the alcoholic eggnog, decorate with crushed nuts.

In the Netherlands, the eggnog is prepared with brandy and a cocktail called “the Lawyer.” The yolk is whipped with salt and sugar, then they add the cognac and put this mixture in a water bath. Stirring constantly, heat the beverage, but not too hot, then it is removed from the heat, then add the vanilla, and the top is crowned in a cap of whipped cream. Dutch eggnog they do not drink but eat the dessert with a spoon.

From the 3rd century to the present day: how the eggnog helps the body

A healthy drink

The main ingredient of this drink – eggs, and they are the source of benefits for the human body. Eggs contain the vitamins A, B3, B12, D, and C, mineral calcium, iodine, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium. Also, in the eggs of many amino acids.

Eggnog is usually used for colds, cough, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, Oncology and its prevention, strengthening bones, and improving eyesight, teeth, and hair.

If a shortage of weight despite low calories, eggnog is also popular as a Dietary Supplement because this drink quite a lot of fats and proteins, contributing to weight gain.

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