Vegans & Mosquitoes: How to Stop Biting and Stay Ethical

Why does a mosquito squeak and why does it need our blood?

Mosquitoes don’t have a voice. The squeak that annoys us is the sound of the rapid flapping of small wings. Energetic insects make them from 500 to 1000 movements per second. Mosquitoes do not mock people at all, they simply cannot move silently.

Mosquitoes don’t bite, they don’t even have teeth. They pierce the skin with a thin proboscis and drink blood like a smoothie through a straw. Moreover, male mosquitoes are vegans: they feed only on water and nectar. Only females become “vampires”, since the blood of animals and people is rich in proteins necessary for their reproduction. Therefore, if a mosquito encroaches on you, know that her “clock is ticking.”

Vegan won’t hurt a mosquito

On the one hand, few people feel sympathy for mosquitoes, yet they hunt for our blood. On the other hand, they cannot exist and reproduce otherwise. Insects are an important part of the ecosystem, thanks to them we also live. From an ethical point of view, the mosquito is a creature capable of feeling pain and suffering, which is why vegans oppose killing it. There is no need to kill mosquitoes, because there are humane but effective ways to avoid bites.

Fu, nasty

Mosquitoes hate the smell of bird cherry, basil, valerian, anise, cloves, mint, cedar and eucalyptus. They are so unpleasant to them that insects simply will not want to approach you if you apply a couple of drops of oil from these plants to your skin. Also among the irritants is the smell of tea tree oil. And, like real “vampires”, they are afraid of garlic. The most attractive aromas for mosquitoes are the smell of sweat, the smell of ethanol from a drunk person, and carbon dioxide (therefore, people with a large complexion and a fast metabolism are more appetizing for insects). In addition, there is an opinion that mosquitoes do not like the color yellow. You can check this when you go to the country. Another way not to be bitten is to have curtains on the windows that will not let mosquitoes into your apartment. Thus, it is not at all necessary to slap or poison the insolent person, you can simply become tasteless or inaccessible to him.

What to do if you are still bitten

If the mosquito could not resist and drank your blood, leaving an itchy wound, ice can be applied to the bite, which will relieve swelling. Soda lotions or a weak vinegar solution will also help. Boric or salicylic alcohol will relieve itching. Removes inflammation and disinfects tea tree oil. Have a good summer vacation!

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