What exactly is useful in persimmons

Persimmon is a source of many vitamins and trace elements that will help your body improve and avoid unpleasant symptoms and diseases.

Winter, autumn – the time when the abundance of fruit disappears from the shelves of markets and shops, and persimmon to some extent takes the baton of the source of the necessary nutrients. Why should you definitely love persimmons and include them in your diet?

Persimmon contains vitamins A and C, which are very important during the rampage of viruses and infections with the onset of cold weather. These vitamins also help reduce sore throat and nasopharynx.

Persimmon is a source of calcium, which is important for forming the skeleton in young children and the condition of the hair, teeth, and nails of an adult. It is also recommended to eat persimmons during pregnancy so that the bone tissue of the fetus is formed correctly.

Persimmon contains a lot of beta-carotene, which is useful for the human respiratory system. It prevents the development of pneumonia, significantly relieves the symptoms of prolonged cough, and protects the lungs from the harmful effects of the external environment. Beta-carotene is also useful for diseases of the kidneys and genitourinary system, removing toxins from the body and preventing inflammation. Carotene in persimmons is a well-known remedy for the treatment of visual abnormalities.

Persimmon contains a lot of iron, and therefore people with iron deficiency anemia and a tendency to it should definitely pay attention to persimmon. For the same reason, it is indicated for pregnant women since anemia is a frequent companion of this condition.

What exactly is useful in persimmons

Persimmon helps with various digestive disorders and unpleasant sensations in the gastrointestinal tract. Cramps, colic, indigestion, heartburn-all these will help to neutralize the persimmon.

This fruit is also useful for depression and other disorders of the nervous system. It relieves fatigue, normalizes mood, and neutralizes its uncontrolled outbursts.

Persimmon can normalize blood pressure and relieve the accompanying symptoms – dizziness, headache, and weakness. Persimmon is useful for the heart and blood vessels.

Persimmon is great for skin problems, such as acne, dirty and clogged pores, too dry or too oily skin. To do this, in addition to its use inside, you can make cosmetic masks by mixing the pulp of persimmon with egg yolk. External use of persimmon is also effective for wounds and burns.

That’s how useful it is!

Persimmon in cooking

You can make healthy smoothies, snacks, desserts, and salads from persimmons. Here are just some recipes that you can adopt to introduce persimmon into the diet not only in its natural form but also as an ingredient in delicious dishes: dried persimmon, baked persimmon with cottage cheese, persimmon chutney, cheesecake with persimmon, orange and pomegranate, tart with persimmon “Winter Sun.” This and much more can be prepared from such a wonderful fruit as persimmon. 

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