How to lose weight with rosemary

Rosemary is a beneficial plant that will give the dish a peculiar taste and aroma and help to get rid of excess weight. Rosemary for weight loss is used as an auxiliary tool, which significantly accelerates this process.

Properties of rosemary

In rosemary, it is not for nothing that meat is often marinated – this seasoning helps digest heavy protein and fatty foods. It can significantly accelerate the metabolic processes, contributing to rapid and painless digestion, and therefore weight loss. And among the properties of rosemary is the ability to improve the metabolism in the lymphatic system and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

It is not enough to use rosemary to lose weight. At the time of the diet, you should give up fat, spicy and salty, as well as pastries and sweets. Work out in the gym or go for an active half-hour walk. This is necessary for the metabolism to improve.

Rosemary Infusion

Pour a tablespoon of dried rosemary into a bowl and pour hot water-400 ml. The water temperature should be 90-95 degrees. Let the water stand for 12 hours. Ready-made infusion should be consumed half an hour before meals three times a day.

The course of the diet on rosemary infusion is 20 days.

Tea with rosemary

In this case, you can add a little rosemary to your usual tea – in the amount that you will like. If you want only rosemary tea-half, a teaspoon of dried tea per cup will be enough. Drink tea during the day between meals, but no more than 2 cups a day.

The course of the rosemary tea diet is 1 month.

Lime tea with rosemary

Lime flowers and leaves help the body to rejuvenate, improving the condition of the skin. And paired with rosemary, they work wonders! Just make a tea based on these herbs in the proportion of half a tablespoon of lime and the same amount of rosemary-400 ml of water. Infuse the drink for 4 hours, and then drink it throughout the day.

The course of the diet on lime-rosemary tea is 3 weeks.

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