How to cook spinach

Spinach hails from Persia. In Europe, this vegetable appeared in the middle ages. First, the leaves were used as a laxative and then found that spinach is a rich product.

Spinach has many provitamin A, vitamins B, vitamins C, P, PP, D2, mineral salts, and protein. Spinach leaves are a champion for iodine content that invigorates the spirit and protects from aging. All these nutrients are resistant to cooking and canning.

How to cook spinach

Spinach has many oxalic acids, so you need to limit its consumption by children, persons suffering from kidney disease, gout, liver, and gall bladder. But when cooking, this acid neutralizes, add milk and cream, and fresh spinach leaves, and it is not terrible.

Spinach is good to eat raw, add to salad, sauces, and old leaves are boiled, steamed, fried, and stewed. There is also summer and winter spinach; winter leaves are darker.

Buying spinach at the market or in bulk, choose fresh stalks with green leaves.

How to cook spinach

To store Unwashed spinach, wrap it in a damp cloth and leave it in the refrigerator. There it may be stored for 2 days. Before use, the spinach should be washed and cut off the withered part. For long time storage, the spinach should be frozen.

Spinach has a lot of valuable flavoring properties, which are not afraid of any heat treatment. When cooking spinach in the pan, do not add liquid! Before cooking fresh spinach, wash it, slice it, and put it in a pan with a lid with no water. Keep on the fire for a few minutes, turning several times. Then merge the separated moisture and draine through a sieve.

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