Zero Carb. What is it and what is it eaten with?

Zero Carb. What is it and what is it eaten with?

A product called Zero Carb, which is a whey protein isolate, has a fairly short history, but its popularity is growing very quickly and has already surpassed many proven protein blends.


The name of the product already contains the very essence of “Zero Carb”, which means zero carbohydrates, but besides that, there are also completely no fats. Thus, we are dealing with a completely pure product, in comparison, for example, with whey protein concentrate, the production of which is associated with the use of advanced technologies (filtration and ion exchange technology) and for a long time, which increase the price of the product itself. It is worth it, however, because Zero Carb is a product with the highest biological value, with a protein content of more than 95%.

This product is ideal for use both to replenish the protein balance before and after training, to prevent protein deficiency, and for periods of drying of athletes, for example, before competitions, to achieve maximum drawing of the relief.


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