How to get up early in the morning fresh and vigorous? How to get yourself out of bed?

How to get up early in the morning fresh and vigorous? How to get yourself out of bed?

Probably, everyone has asked themselves this question at least once. But for some reason I am sure that you did it much more often. Let’s try to figure out how to wake up, cheer up and maintain this vigor throughout the day.


So, the first thing that comes to mind is a cup of coffee. But it must be remembered that only freshly ground coffee really invigorates, and instant coffee, which everyone is used to drinking, on the contrary, only takes energy. If you have neither the strength nor the desire to make coffee for yourself every morning, do not despair. Just replace it with a cup of green tea with lemon. I assure you, green tea is rich in antioxidants, so it will easily raise your mood and wake you up. If you suddenly run out of green tea in your house, it doesn’t matter. Drink a glass of juice or water. The liquid “revives” the cells, along with them the whole organism.

Next tip: take a shower. Just not too hot, otherwise the skin will steam out and you will feel even more sleepy. The shower should be cool. Only in this way will he be able to wake up your mind and finally tone the muscles. It is best to use a shower gel with aromatic oils. For example, citrus fruits. They are able to fill your day with bright smells and pleasant memories of the morning. In Germany, for example, they have already invented a shower gel with caffeine and taurine, which invigorates at least two cups of coffee.


Movement is life. Therefore, if you want to be vigorous until the evening, do a light exercise or massage in the morning. Rub your palms, earlobes, cheeks, and neck. This will provide a rush of blood and, as a result, just wake you up. And if there is a loved one next to you who can help you with this, rejoice and then say thank you very much to him.

Another way to cheer up in the morning is to simply prepare for the day ahead in the evening. Perhaps at first it will seem like a difficult, unpleasant task, but later it will become your good habit. Prepare what you will wear tomorrow, pack your bag. In the end, in the morning you will have fewer reasons to be upset and nervous, and besides, you will have an extra minute to take a nap.

Another way – do not close the window tightly with curtains. Let the morning slowly enter your room. Thus, it will be much easier for the body to wake up. Scientists claim that light slows down the production of melatonin. It is melatonin, in their opinion, that is to blame for our sleepiness.

And finally, the most effective way to cheer up is to sleep! If you have extra minutes during your lunch break, be sure to get some sleep. And then you will start working with renewed vigor, with renewed energy! In Japan, for example, large enterprises have long ago allocated separate rooms in which workers can relax, rest and take a nap for 45 minutes. Moreover, there will be a soft vibration of the chair, i.e. the person is not shocked and gets to work much harder.

But Torello Cavalieri (Italian inventor) came up with an alarm clock that will wake you up with exciting smells: freshly baked bread, for example. Great, isn’t it !?


These tips will help you have a pleasant day, be cheerful and in a good mood until the evening. Enjoy!

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