Cumin to help those who want to lose weight

Most weight loss seekers know that a balanced diet and exercise is the most common method of weight control. Some additionally use various herbal infusions and extracts. And what would you say that there is one spice that speeds up the process of weight loss? Sounds tempting… So what is this condiment?

Cumin, in addition to improving the taste of food, also promotes weight loss by reducing the ability of cells to accumulate fat. Cumin (Cuminum cyminum), both seeded and ground, has a peppery and nutty flavor. In ancient times, cumin was more widely distributed than today, due to the fact that black pepper was considered a rare and expensive spice, and cumin was an excellent substitute for it.

According to a study conducted at the University of Medical Sciences in Iran, women who added cumin to their diet lost 14% of their fat mass, while the healthy control group lost 5%. From this it follows that cumin significantly affects the process of burning fat.

In addition, eating cumin. It is known that lack of sleep leads to overeating, this has been scientifically proven. You feel hungry, your body’s metabolism slows down. Add cumin – and insomnia will go away.

Cumin, which helps minimize carbohydrate cravings and keeps you feeling full.

Cumin. Phytosterols inhibit the absorption of bad cholesterol in the digestive tract. This is one explanation why cumin helps in weight loss.

The effectiveness of this spice in combating bowel problems has an indirect effect. When nutrients are not fully absorbed in the digestive tract, a person experiences an increased feeling of hunger.

The spicy aroma of cumin activates the salivary glands, the secretion of gastric juice begins, and food is better digested.

A compound present in cumin called thymol and enzymes that are responsible for good digestion.

Cumin is also excellent. It will relieve gas problems and relieve stomach pains when taken with hot water.

How to include cumin in your diet?

    Even with the addition of a large amount of cumin to the diet, you should continue to count calories and exercise. And then the result will not keep you waiting long!

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