22 most vegan cities in the world

1. Los Angeles 

The City of Angels is arguably the most vegan city in the world. Sunny Los Angeles is known as the city of choice for many vegan food lovers in the United States.   

Los Angeles has over 500 vegan food outlets, more than any other city in the US. You’ll find everything here, from Donut Fiend vegan donuts to Crossroads haute cuisine. Note that San Diego, Los Angeles’ “cousin”, is also a major provider of California vegan food outlets. 

2. London 

It may seem to you that the main food in the UK is “fish and chips” (fish and french fries). But London has redoubled its efforts to meet the needs of vegans and vegetarians in recent years. 

The city now boasts a growing vegan culture that includes everything from 222Vegan haute cuisine to Temple of Seitan fast food, London’s first “vegan fried chicken”. It’s safe to say that London’s multiculturalism will make it a leader in the vegan food scene in the coming years. 

3. Chiang Mai

Thailand’s “Pearl of the North” is also well known for catering to the tastes of vegan travelers. The tiny “old town” is filled with vegan and vegetarian options served Thai-style with the freshest ingredients. From traditional dishes at May Kaidee’s to creative Western cuisine at Taste From Heaven, you’re sure to find something nutritious and delicious in this Thai city. 

4. New York 

The Big Apple is growing in popularity among vegan lovers as the number of vegan restaurants in the city has grown to over 100. If you visit New York, be sure to check out Candle 79’s gourmet vegan cuisine, sweets at Dun-well Donuts and vegan fast food at ByChloe. 

What’s the best thing about New York vegan food? This city is so multicultural that you don’t have to travel more than a few blocks to try a new taste from another country. 

5. Singapore 

Singapore is fast becoming one of the most welcoming cities in Asia for vegans and vegetarians, not to mention that the vegan business is becoming one of the most sustainable. There are over a hundred vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city. Enjoy this futuristic city by tasting the food of the future at Genesis Vegan, Afterglow or Undressed Salad Bar. 

6. Berlin 

The German capital is home to its own all-vegan Veganz supermarket chain. In addition, there are over 50 vegan establishments in the city, all within walking distance of each other. Berlin’s many vegan restaurants have revolutionized typical German cuisine. Want a kebab? Go to Voner. How about a vegan croissant with ham and cheese? Check out the Chaostheorie! 

7. Hong Kong 

While you may not consider Chinese food to be particularly vegan, Hong Kong’s small area boasts over 30 vegan restaurants. Are you planning a trip to this beautiful city? Visit LockCha Tea House, Sangeetha vegetarian and Pure Veggie House. 

8. San Francisco 

If you know anything about San Francisco, chances are that this Californian city has a love of progress and health. In San Francisco, you’ll find plenty of healthy (and not-so-healthy) options for vegans and vegetarians. Try vegan fast food at NoNo Burger, and if you’re craving an abundance of raw confectionery, City by the Bay has that too. Don’t forget to visit the Gracias Madre restaurant, beloved by many.

9. Turin

Ever heard of a vegetarian city? Many, too, until they heard about Mayor Chiara Appendino’s plan for this Italian city. Spreading the message of eating a plant-based diet, Mayor Appendino has cited Tutto Vapore and Agriturismo Ai Guiet as his most popular options for authentic yet vegan Italian cuisine. 

10. Toronto 

This northern city has Canada’s first meat-free butcher and the largest vegan food festival in all of North America. There are 38 vegan restaurants in Toronto. Want to switch from your vegan ice cream and coconut bacon to healthier food? Toronto has it all: check out Cosmic Treats, Hogtown Vegan, and Fresh. 

11. Bangkok 

While it can be hard to find vegan street food in Thailand’s largest city, check out Khanom Khrok, a tiny (yet delicious) rice flour coconut pancake. Once you’ve had a bite to eat, head to one of Bangkok’s 40 vegan restaurants. Bonita Cafe and Social Club or Veganerie offer full vegan meals in Bangkok’s bustling areas. 

12. Melbourne 

It seems that those who live in Melbourne (12,7% to be exact) are increasingly eating much less meat. This percentage is growing thanks to the fantastic array of vegan and vegetarian establishments found in this sunny Australian city. Do you want ceviche? Check out Smith and Daughters. Also visit Red Sparrow for delicious vegan pizza. 

13. Taipei 

Taiwanese Taipei already has about 30 vegan and vegetarian food outlets that offer a wide variety of meat alternatives. And in this city, one of the most affordable prices for vegetables. Like Berlin, Taipei is home to an all-vegan store: iVegan. Be sure to visit Keelung Night Market and Vegan Heaven for if you like to enjoy food. 

14. Bangalore 

Although vegetarianism is popular in India, finding food that is entirely plant-based will not be easy due to the prevalence of cheese and milk in Indian cuisine. But there are over 80 vegan restaurants in Bangalore. Visit the beloved Carrots Restaurant, Paradigm Shift and The Higher Taste. 

15. Prague 

This small medieval town in Central Europe is known for its heavy diet of meat and potatoes. But in recent years, the vegan culture in the Czech Republic has been expanding rapidly. Prague now boasts 35 vegan and vegetarian establishments. Check out Maitrea, U Satla, and Clear Head if you’re looking for incredible vegan options. 

16. Austin, Texas 

You might be surprised to see a city from Texas on this list – after all, Texas is known as the “land of cattle” in the US. However, Austin is home to over 20 vegan eateries. Food on wheels is popular here. If you want to try it, be sure to visit The Vegan Yacht, BBQ Revolution and Guac N Roll. In addition, Austin’s Counter Culture Restaurant serves fresh local specialties such as meatless meats. 

17. Honolulu


In the US state capital of Hawaii, you’ll find plenty of vegan eateries serving everything from casual food at Simple Joy to BBQ at Downbeat Diner & Lounge, from healthy food at Ruffage Natural Foods to ice cream at Banan. Grab a takeaway and eat it on one of Honolulu’s famous beaches, or at least anywhere with an ocean view! 

18. Tel Aviv Tel Aviv is one of the most hospitable cities for vegans and vegetarians because 5% of the entire population of Israel avoids milk, cheese, eggs and meat. There are over 400 vegan and vegetarian food outlets in this city! Taste some of the region’s tastiest dishes at Zakaim and try the first vegan Georgian food at Nanuchka Restaurant. 

19. Portland, Oregon

According to PETA, the most vegan city in 2016. This city is focused on environmental efforts and promoting sustainability. Named one of the most livable cities in the world, Portland boasts plenty of vegan options. The city offers everything from vegan cheeses and meats at Vtopian Cheese Shop & Deli to meat-free BBQ at Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ. 

20. Chennai 

Looking for an Indian city that cooks vegetables like nowhere else in the world? Check out Chennai on the east coast of India. While approximately 50% of Indians are vegetarian, finding vegan foods can be a little more difficult, although it is possible. Check out Eden Vegetarian and Holy Grill. A special case? Visit Chennai’s Royal Vega and prepare to be amazed at how exquisitely ordinary vegetables can be cooked. 

21. Warsaw 

Known for its meat-eating culture, Poland might not seem like the obvious place for a vegan lunch. But Warsaw is home to 30 vegan and vegetarian restaurants, making it the perfect destination for vegans traveling through Central and Eastern Europe. Be sure to check out Warsaw’s Vege Miasto for delicious vegan dumplings and pancakes. Craving cabbage? An absolutely delicious cabbage roll can be found at the Vege Kiosk. 

22. Vancouver 

This Canadian city has over 30 vegan restaurants. Visit Acorn for an award-winning plant-based brunch and Heirloom Vegetarian for upscale, healthy and hearty meals.

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