Raw food diet

A raw food diet is a fashionable trend today in relation to a diet in which only raw foods are consumed. The raw food system promotes the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle without harming the environment, cleansing the body and fighting excess weight, treating various chronic diseases, and prolonging youth and life expectancy. However, a lot of heated debate revolves around the popular ideology of a raw food diet. Is this way of eating really useful or is it only harmful to health?

Many people refer a raw food diet to strict vegetarianism (veganism), but, in comparison with the meaning of the general term “”, in a raw food diet, foods are not at all thermally processed, such as: cooking, baking, frying, double boiler. The main goal of a raw food diet is to preserve nutrients in foods.

The raw food diet is divided into five types:

  1. 1 Omnivorous raw food diet – the diet includes all food products, even meat, and other animal origin, but only in raw, dried or dried form.
  2. 2 Vegetarian raw food diet – meat and fish are completely excluded from the diet, but dairy products, honey, etc. are allowed.
  3. 3 Vegan Raw Food Diet Is the most common raw food diet that only allows raw plant-based foods.
  4. 4 Raw meat diet (raw meat diet) – This type of raw food diet is very rare, while the diet includes raw animal and poultry meat, seafood, eggs, animal fat and other animal products, and plant foods are consumed in minimal quantities.
  5. 5 Fruitarianism – the diet is made up of raw fruits, namely from various fruits and vegetables, in addition to meat, and root vegetables are excluded.

Useful Properties

According to proponents of a raw food diet, the benefit of this method of eating is that in this way a person becomes closer to nature and at the same time becomes healthier, acquires the energy of the earth. This theory is based on the fact that initially there were no thermally processed foods in the human food chain, but only raw food.


Benefits of a raw food diet:

  • Vegetables, fruits, grains, cereals and in their raw form are saturated with vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, essential fatty acids – in general, useful substances.
  • Since a raw food diet does not cause overeating and a light diet, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are always within the normal range.
  • Eating raw food helps to cure various diseases, for example: hypertension, headache, asthma, etc.
  • Eating raw food saturates the body with energy, in which a person is able to work physically or mentally for a long time without significant fatigue. The mind becomes clearer and a sense of intuition develops.
  • A raw food diet allows you to lose weight in a very short time. But at the same time, you need to understand that everything depends on the body, if it is inclined to be overweight, then after a while it will be able to find fats in raw food and save them. Therefore, when using a raw food diet for weight loss, you also need to monitor the amount of food you eat.
  • With a raw food diet, normal sleep takes much less time, about 5-6 hours, while in the morning the body functions well, without feeling tired.

Switching to a raw food diet

You should not take a raw food diet as a fashionable trend and blindly trust the fabulous beliefs of others, because this is a very responsible and important step in which not only the diet, but also the lifestyle in general, will completely change.

It is necessary to clearly understand why this is necessary, and be sure to weigh all the pros and cons. But most importantly, with a firm adoption of such a decision, to understand that the transition to a raw food diet will take a lot of time and you should not rush with it, so as not to harm your health. It is necessary to provide an opportunity for the body to gradually adapt to the new diet, without unwanted side effects.

Recommendations when switching to a raw food diet

  1. 1 First of all, you need to consult your doctor and dietitian. Each organism perceives different in its own way, so for some, a raw food diet may be contraindicated.
  2. 2 Switching to a raw food diet, for about two weeks, you still need to consume porridge and warm drinks and gradually give them up over time.
  3. 3 It is necessary to drink more simple, at least two liters a day.
  4. 4 In order for the intestinal microflora to adapt to the new diet, fiber should be gradually increased, that is, eat more fruits and.
  5. 5 It is recommended to switch to a raw food diet somewhere in June or July, because during this period various vegetables and berries appear, so changing the diet will be done with less difficulty. The most difficult for beginning raw foodists to survive the first winter.
  6. 6 The main thing is not to forget that the diet should be balanced and include the amount of proteins and carbohydrates the body needs.
  7. 7 With a raw food diet, in some cases, you can give food to heat treatment, but only at a temperature of no more than + 43 ° C.
  8. 8 In order not to overload the stomach and not harm the process of food processing by the body, you need to know about the compatibility of different foods in their raw form. For example, you cannot combine fats or proteins with sugar, as this causes fermentation, which is difficult for the stomach to cope with.

Dangerous properties of a raw food diet

When deciding to switch to a raw food diet, you need to know about the negative factors of its influence on the human body.

  • A raw food diet often leads to a lack of and. If the diet is unbalanced, then this is a direct path to a deficiency of vital substances, in particular calcium, magnesium, etc.
  • When switching to raw food, not getting all the necessary substances, from time to time you may feel numbness in the limbs, headache, and wounds may heal longer.
  • A raw food diet can lead to complex digestive upset. Some raw foods do not combine with each other, are not digested and thus harm the body. For example, you cannot eat fruits with vegetables or carbohydrates with proteins.
  • At first, a raw food diet can cause aggression, because, refusing cereals and cereals, the body does not have enough vitamin B, which is responsible for the nervous system and mental state.
  • Raw foodists can become hostages of their own way of life. From time to time, some raw food eaters break loose by eating boiled food, after which they constantly feel guilt towards their like-minded people. So, having decided to give up cooked food, you need to do it only for yourself, your own benefit and your health, and not at someone else’s call and beliefs.
  • Not everyone can become a raw foodist. If a person already has adult children and health allows, then you can try to change the diet, but for those who have not yet acquired offspring, in a state of pregnancy or breastfeeding, then raw food is strictly prohibited.
  • Children and adolescents should not switch to a raw food diet, since their body is only in the process of formation and requires a full-fledged diet for normal development and maturation.
  • Also, the use of exclusively raw food is not recommended for elderly people, since the metabolism slows down in the declining years and the body will not be able to isolate useful substances from raw food. But people who are over 40, with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, or can be fattened for a while, but not all the time.
  • In case of digestive problems, gastritis, colitis, it is not recommended to switch to a raw food diet.

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