How to resolve problems with parents “meat eaters”?

You must be prudent when dealing with parents. The problem is that if nothing is explained to them, they can come to the wrong decisions. Help them with groceries and at the same time try to convince them not to buy hatching eggs, veal and so on. If they don’t agree with you, you can try to persuade them. Calmly explain how chickens are treated in poultry farms, the conditions under which calves and lambs live, and show them the many pictures you can get from various animal rights organizations like Viva! Explain to your mother and father that they are responsible for the suffering of animals if they still buy these products. You can just impress your parents by offering to do the dishes all week if they don’t eat veal and eat more vegetarian food. If this doesn’t work, you can be less courteous: Accidentally drop all hatchery eggs on the kitchen floor. Then notice that the eggs break so easily because the shells are very thin due to the poor housing conditions of the hens. With meat, you can make it easier, forget to put it in the refrigerator, and notice that the corpse (cow, chicken or calf) is already starting to decompose. Draw sad muzzles of chickens on the eggshell and write “Beware of salmonella.” Find tons of vegan recipes and help prepare them.

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