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Crocodile meat is still an exotic product for us, although it is a popular food for many peoples in the world for a long time. The main advantage that attracted consumers is that animals are not subject to infectious diseases and are environmentally friendly. Perhaps this is due to the presence in their blood of an antibiotic that destroys foreign bacteria. The texture of crocodile meat is similar to beef, but the taste is similar to fish and chicken.

Eating crocodile meat is a controversial issue. The opinion that crocodile meat is halal (permissible) may be more significant since it was not prohibited in any of the reliable Sharia sources. In addition, it is amphibious and the fish regulations apply to it.

Quoting Ayah about crocodile meat

The issue of eating crocodile meat is controversial. Some scholars believe it is halal, just like fish. They support their opinion by quoting a verse that reads:

“Say:” From what was given to me in the revelation, I find it forbidden to eat only carrion, shed blood and pig meat, which (or which) is filthy, as well as unlawful meat of animals killed not for the sake of Allah. ” If someone is forced to go for it, not coveting the forbidden and not overstepping the limits of the necessary, then Allah is Forgiving, Merciful “(Koran, 6: 145).

They also quote the hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about the sea:

“His water is pure and his carrion is permitted” (An-Nasai).

Some other scientists are of the opinion that crocodile meat is prohibited (haram), since crocodile is a predator, like lions, tigers, etc., and their meat is prohibited in Islam. However, the first point of view carries more weight.

Opinions of the four madhabs about crocodile meat

Opinions of four madhhabs regarding the permissibility and prohibition of eating crocodile meat:


What Muslims Think

Allah Almighty knows best. – think all Muslims.

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