How beautiful to serve fruit

Pineapple will set the mood for any fruit plate and can become the center of the composition. But it needs to be cleaned up. To do this, cut off the top and bottom with a large sharp knife. Then stand it upright and cut the peel, moving from top to bottom. If scales remain, remove them with a paring knife. Cut the peeled fruit into 4 parts, cut off the hard center from each part. Further, the pulp can be cut into cubes of the same size, placed on a dish in a checkerboard pattern, and put berries or small pieces of other fruits between them.

It is hard to imagine a fruit plate without citrus fruits. The classic version of slicing oranges – in circles (along with the zest). They can be laid out in the sun or with a fan. Peeled and peeled oranges, tangerines and grapefruits can be disassembled into slices, used as elements of a common fruit composition, or made into a pyramid. Citrus fruits – “lotuses” look beautiful. To do this, you need to make 8 small cuts at the stalk of the fruit, without damaging the pulp and without tearing off the zest slices to the end, and open the “petals” of the zest and pulp. Hard fruits such as apples, pears and kiwis can easily be turned into petal flowers. To do this, it is absolutely not necessary to have a special knife for curly cutting. Just visualize the shape you want to create and, like a sculptor, use the edge of a knife to remove everything. Well, or just cut the fruit into slices. The easiest way to cut an apple. Place the apple vertically on a cutting board with the tail facing up, and cut a piece as close to the core as possible. In the same way, cut the core from the remaining three sides. Lay the slices flesh side down and cut into slices of the desired thickness. If apple slices are sprinkled with lemon juice, they will not darken. Pieces and slices of fruit can be laid out in a circle, semicircle, segments, separating them with other fruits, in the shape of a star, flower or heart. Children love the compositions in the form of animals. For laying out, it is better to use a large flat white plate. Canape is perhaps the easiest and most popular way to beautifully serve fruits and berries. Do not forget about the game of contrasts – alternate fruits and berries of different colors. The more flowers you get on a skewer, the more attractive the canape will be. Ideas for fruit canapes: Watermelon + mango Green apple + orange + kiwi + peach Purple grapes + kiwi + pineapple + strawberry Banana + strawberry + kiwi + orange Strawberry + mango + kiwi Raspberry + kiwi Canapes-“sailboats” look very impressive. A slice of any hard fruit can become a sail. Create and make your loved ones happy! Lakshmi

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