Foods that can cause heartburn

Many have experienced heartburn – an unpleasant sensation in the stomach and esophagus. Why does it occur and how to deal with it? When we eat a lot of acid-producing foods, our stomach is unable to process the acid that has entered it and begins to push the food back. There is a link between the type of food we eat and the risk of heartburn. Although there are many pharmaceutical and home remedies for this problem, it is worth paying attention to the diet and eliminating a number of foods, which we will cover in this article.

fried food

French fries and other fried foods and foods high in trans fats upset the balance of the digestive tract. This is a heavy food that causes an increased secretion of acid, which begins to move up into the esophagus. Fatty fried foods are slowly digested, filling the stomach for a long time and causing pressure in it.

Ready baked goods

Store-bought sweet buns and cookies create an acidic environment, especially if they contain artificial colors and preservatives. In order not to experience heartburn, it is necessary to abandon all products with refined sugar and white flour.


While coffee has a laxative effect, excess caffeine leads to increased secretion of stomach acid, which causes heartburn.

Carbonated drinks

Lemonades, tonics and mineral water lead to full stomach and, as a result, cause an acid reaction. Alternatively, it is recommended to drink more pure water, but not too cold. Also avoid acidic fruit juices, especially before bed.

Spicy food

Pepper and other spices are often the culprits for heartburn. At an Indian or Thai restaurant, ask the waiter to make “no spices”. True, and such a mild option can upset the balance of the stomach.


Alcoholic drinks not only increase acidity, but also dehydrate the body. At night, after drinking alcohol, you will wake up to drink. Alcohol today – digestive problems tomorrow.

Dairy produce

A glass of cold milk is said to provide relief from heartburn, but it is better to drink a glass of water. Milk causes excessive acid secretion, especially when drunk on a full stomach.

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