Premature death from vegetarianism

Premature death from vegetarianism

What meat-eaters are trying to come up with in order to discredit the growing confidence in the vegetarian lifestyle. Maybe envy or an inferiority complex prevents people from coming to terms with the fact that someone a little earlier understood the value of ethics and a healthy lifestyle in every sense. On the Web, you can find specially prepared articles that vegetarianism contributes to sudden death. This is “based” on the fact that vegetarians eat low-fat foods, which causes blood vessels to become brittle. 

Of course, this would cause nothing but laughter, if we do not take into account the fact that this is an outrageous lie that makes people who believe in lies go the wrong way of development, if it can be called that at all. The essence of the lie is that it is precisely those who are overweight who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, from problems with blood vessels and capillaries. And it’s not fat that makes blood vessels elastic.

Even plumbers know that grease pulls all the dirt out of the water and forms dense clumps inside the pipe that can only be removed with tools. On a more serious scale, the same thing happens with the body of a meat-eater. As for elasticity, it is not fat, but OILS, which are found in abundance in olives, sunflower seeds, nuts and other similar products, make vessels elastic, while having a beneficial effect on the whole organism as a whole. 

The argument that since some substances are not produced by our body, then they need to be consumed, does not stand up to scrutiny in general. In particular, a vegetarian can get amino acids from plant foods. But this does not mean that if we do not produce plutonium, then we need to eat it with spoons. 

To the question of the “suddenness” of the deaths of vegetarians. It is impossible to consider individual cases to the detriment of the overall picture. Vegetarians who died in their 80s and 90s were certainly not prepared to die on a specific date. And even then, many of them retained clarity of thought. What can not be said about meat-eaters even at an earlier age, since we see ridiculous statements. In general, yes, vegetarians can die “suddenly”. For example, Arnold Ehret, a well-known promoter of naturopathy, an ardent fruitarian, writer and activist. He died suddenly. The diagnosis is a skull fracture. Did he have enemies? Yes, mostly “ideological”, who were annoyed by his activity in the spread of vegetarianism. Whether they committed a serious crime, we have no right to say. 

It happens that a person has to step over his fears that he or other people create in their lives. When a meat-eater not only abandons his former way of life, but takes seriously the issue of compiling a correct, complete diet, then premature death from diseases does not threaten him. If there are any generic health problems, then he should know about it. Careless attitude towards yourself is not recommended in any case. But the fact that vegetarianism is the cause of premature death is just nonsense! Usually in the debate against vegans, meat eaters often use the word “fasting”. Believe me: you can also eat fruit! Scientifically speaking, fasting is when a person receives less than 1500 kcal. per day. And malnutrition is when a person does not receive the necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber. Any person more or less familiar with a vegetarian diet will notice that it is easy to provide yourself with calories, fats, and carbohydrates. It is difficult only for meat-eaters to understand this and ascend to a new stage of their development.

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