Home remedies for excessive sweating

Even though sweat is a natural way of removing toxins from the body, for many people sweating becomes an unpleasant problem in hot weather. Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that can be embarrassing and depressing. To get rid of excessive sweating, follow these simple tips.

1.  natural vinegar

Taking two teaspoons of natural vinegar and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar three times a day is an excellent remedy for sweating. This mixture should be drunk half an hour before or after meals.

2. Tomato juice

Drink a glass of fresh tomato juice every day to get rid of the problem.

3. Herbal tea

Sage decoction fights the problem of excessive sweating. Boil the herb in hot water and let cool. This tea contains vitamin B, which reduces the activity of the sweat glands. This remedy is especially effective for sweating in the armpits. In addition to sage, you can drink green tea.

4.  Potatoes

Just cut off a slice of potato and rub it on the areas where the sweat is the most.

5.  Witch hazel

This astringent herb has an antirespirant effect. Use witch hazel tea.

6.  Corn starch and baking soda

To get rid of underarm sweat, apply a mixture of cornstarch and baking soda after showering. Let it stay for half an hour, then rinse with water. You can add a little essential oil for a pleasant smell.

7.  Wheat sprouts

A glass of wheatgrass juice a day is considered an effective remedy for sweating. It neutralizes acids in the body and is a source of vitamins B6, B12, C, protein and folic acid.

8.  Tannic acids

The best source of tannic acid is tea. If your palms sweat a lot, dip them into the cooled tea leaves.

9.  Coconut oil

For a natural remedy, add 10g of camphor to coconut oil and apply to areas that sweat a lot.

10 Tea tree oil

Apply a thin layer to problem areas. Tea tree oil has an astringent effect, and the desired result will appear after a few days of application.

11 Grapes

By including grapes in your daily diet, you can significantly reduce the problem of sweating. Grapes contain natural antioxidants and balance body temperature.

12 Salt

Mix a tablespoon of salt with lime juice and massage your hands with this mixture. This procedure will slow down the activity of the sweat glands.

To make sweating less inconvenient, follow these rules:

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Avoid stress

  • Reduce your caffeine intake

  • Do not use deodorant and soap

  • Avoid hot baths

  • Do not eat sweet and spicy foods

  • Wear clothes made from natural fibers like cotton. Do not wear nylon, polyester or other synthetics

  • Let the clothes be free

  • Cool your body often


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