Brands that ditch cashmere after PETA’s investigation

Thanks to the activity of animal rights activists, the fashion industry responds to the public demand and refuses fur and leather. With the release of yet another major investigation, PETA has made designers and buyers aware of another material that causes innocent animals to suffer and die: cashmere. And the fashion industry heard.

Eyewitnesses from PETA Asia observed the cashmere farms in China and Mongolia, where 90% of the world’s cashmere comes from, and filmed the widespread and merciless cruelty towards each of the animals. The goats screamed in pain and fear as workers pulled their hair out. Those animals deemed useless were taken to the slaughterhouse, hit on the head with a hammer, had their throats cut in sight of other animals, and left to bleed to death.

Cashmere is also not a sustainable material. It is the most environmentally destructive material of all animal fibers.

PETA Asia’s evidence of the cruelty and environmental impact of cashmere has prompted many companies, including H&M, the world’s second largest retailer, to abandon their vision for humanity. 

In anticipation of the cold seasons, we publish a complete list of brands that have abandoned cashmere to make it easier for you to make a choice. 

Brands that have abandoned cashmere:

  • H&M
  • ASOS
  • Vaud
  • KnowledgeCotton Apparel
  • Columbia Sportswear Company
  • Mountain Hardwear
  • Australian Fashion Labels
  • OneTeaspoon
  • The castle
  • Blood siblings
  • Mexx
  • Sorel
  • PrAna
  • Bristol
  • Jerome’s Menswear
  • Onia
  • VeldhovenGroup
  • Lochaven of Scotland
  • NKD
  • REWE Group
  • Scotch & Soda
  • MS Mode
  • America Today
  • CoolCat
  • DIDI

PETA will continue to inform and campaign until cashmere is relegated to the history books and replaced with warm, luxurious, cruelty-free, sustainable options. You can help by making a choice against him.

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