Switching to organic: how to help loved ones

But how to help friends and relatives make the same serious and meaningful choice towards naturalness? How to explain or lead to the idea that this is how you can help your body get rid of toxins, restore the emotional background, and help the world at the same time?

There are many options for how to do this. The most obvious is to scare with a world mired in silicone, preservatives, chemicals, where the animal population is declining at the speed of light, gluten ruins the digestive system, and sugar and salt generally shorten life, etc. Fear really changes the attitude to many things… But you must admit that often this is not an option. We offer much more humane and pleasant options that will add ease to communication with relatives and friends, help them figure it out and make the right choice.

Here are some tips with great tips to help you become eco-friendly: 

Many people love to be taken care of and give something pleasant, and even practical. There is always a chance that a person will try what he was given, will be delighted with the gift.

Fortunately, there is already a ready one from Irena Ponaroshku, a well-known TV presenter, blogger, eco-adept and mother. By the spring of this year, the third release of the project had just come out. The big advantage of the eco-box is that there are already 18 products inside that automatically relieve the headache “What to give!?”. The biggest plus for you is that the content is 100% organic and is not tested on animals (the case when you want to keep the box for yourself).

As part of the spring boxing, Irena put:

Organic cosmetics: Weleda birch peeling, Mi&ko refreshing deodorant, Mi&ko detox facial mask (detoxifies, moisturizes, cleanses pores), SHE IS ANOTHER facial exfoliant gel (Olesya Mustaeva’s workshop), Levrana night face serum (anti age) , Onme sulfate-free shampoo, Krasnopolyanskaya Kosmetika shower gels (soft and soothing), Planeta Organica cleansing foam, TM ChocoLatte scrub cream, BioBeauty biocleaning;

· decorative in the format of BELKA mineral highlighter (presented in two tones, gives the skin a natural light glow);

superfoods: TheVill coconut paste, Vkusologiya granola, Altaria flaxseed oil (comes in a spray with three spray functions), Bionova chicory syrup (not chemically processed), HQ Kombucha natural kombucha (similar to kombucha), Holy popcorn Corn (gluten free);

natural sedative Rescue Remedy (must-have: relieves stress, non-addictive, safe for the whole family);

our discount card Vegetarian Card (you can find out about the discount card on the website)

Natural Honey Tale candles from the CandleBar workshop (a social project that gives jobs to people with disabilities. The project is the winner of the Social Entrepreneur 2018 contest). In production, excess beeswax is used, which is formed during the life of bees.

Each new AVOCADO BOX offers not only pleasant compositions of organic cosmetics and food, but also interesting packaging solutions. The third release of the project is presented in a cosmetic bag from RANZEL (manufacturer of bags, wallets, clutches, backpacks made of super-strong material). You can even refresh your makeup bag in the washing machine!

The only negative of AVOCADO BOX is that the boxes sell like hot cakes, soIf it is not possible to grab a copy, then we recommend that you do the following:

participate in the boxing draw in our Instagram account

· or subscribe to the project account and follow the next boxing release. Regularly there are discounts and drawings for boxes and products of partner brands!

A few bloggers as an example:

Margot’s ethical blog

The author of Vegetarian, who has been telling for years how to easily switch to an ethical lifestyle, makes black and white lists of companies that test / do not test products on animals, says what ethical certificates exist.

Guru of natural and organic cosmetics

Teaches you how to read ingredients correctly, is a member of the jury at Live Organics Awards, writes for authoritative publications, inspires you to “go green”. Don’t miss Alena’s article about certificates in the April issue of Vegetarian!

Eco blogger

Breaks down products into ingredients, reviews purchases of organic food, natural medicines, eco-products for children and home care.

We recommend: Fresh (vegetarian cafe where the menu does not contain alcohol, fish and meat), (cafe shop for vegetarians and vegans) and others.

You can also watch films about animals, ask to sign petitions in defense of the “little brothers”, share useful articles from magazines, reviews of products, cosmetics, clothes, etc. We do not limit you in any way. Moreover, we are sure that no matter what you choose, your friends will definitely appreciate your help and say “thank you”, even after some time.

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