Beware of raisins: how can they hurt

Although at first glance the raisins are perfect (whole unprocessed) food, if you count calories, be careful with this snack.

First, the raisins of raisins strife. The usual red-brown dried in the sun without any preservatives and stabilizers, no questions to it. But white raisins are called “gold” – dried in a dehydrator to preserve the color using sulfur dioxide as a preservative.

But nutrients are contained in both types of raisins. Among them are phytonutrients and their antioxidant properties, the product contains a small amount of iron, potassium, magnesium.

Secondly, these small dried grapes are unusually high in calories.

For example, 1/4 Cup of raisins contains 130 calories. For comparison, in bananas, there is 80-90. But a banana will fill your stomach, but a handful of raisins — not really. It will give strength instantly, but in time you again want to eat.

Moreover, this portion contains about 25 g of sugar, which allows to compare it to usual chocolate bars. But, it is worth noting that, unlike chocolates, raisins contain natural sugar, not refined.

And, of course, if there is a question about what to eat — raisins or a handful of grapes – you should give preference to the latest product. After all, the raisins have no water.

Beware of raisins: how can they hurt

When the raisins are irreplaceable

Do not eat raisins by the handful. It is best to combine it with protein and fats. For example, with a soft cheese, which will make the snack not only energized but also really nutritious.

Think of raisins as a source of quick energy and use in situations where the body needs to quickly improve its productivity. For example, in training, in competition, exams, or during the tourist route.

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