Salt lamp: why is it so useful

What is the point? 

A salt lamp is most often an unworked piece of salt rock in which a light bulb is hidden. Salt “gadget” works from the mains and can serve not only as a night light or interior decoration, but also as an important assistant in maintaining health. In this article, we have collected all the main useful properties of a salt lamp. 

Purifies and refreshes the air 

Salt lamps purify the air due to the ability of salt to absorb water molecules from the environment, as well as any foreign particles from the air. Harmful gas molecules, cigarette smoke, exhaust gases from the street are trapped in layers of salt and do not return to the space of the house, making the air much cleaner. 

Reduces symptoms of asthma and allergies 

A salt lamp removes microscopic dust particles, pet hair and even mold from the air – the main allergens of those who live in an apartment. Salt also exudes beneficial microparticles that relieve severe asthma symptoms. There are even Himalayan salt inhalers, a must-have for asthmatics and people with respiratory problems. 

Improves the functioning of the respiratory tract 

In addition to removing pollutants from the air at home, a salt lamp helps your body filter the air you breathe more efficiently. It works like this: when the lamp heats up, it changes the charge of the released molecules (remember the lessons of chemistry). In most of our apartments, the air is filled with positively charged ions, which are not very good for human health. Such ions are created by electrical appliances, which are in abundance in every home. Positively charged ions make the microscopic “cilia” located in our airways less sensitive – so they begin to let dangerous pollutants into our body. The salt lamp “recharges” the air at home, thereby helping the body filter the air outside more efficiently. 

Boosts energy 

Why do we feel better in the countryside, in the mountains or by the sea? The most popular answer is because the air is especially clean in these places. But what does clean air mean? Clean air is one that is rich in negatively charged particles. These are the particles that the salt lamp generates. Inhaling them, we are filled with natural energy and cleanse ourselves of the negative energies of the metropolis. 

Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation 

Another problem of ubiquitous gadgets and electrical appliances is the harmful radiation that even the smallest electronic device produces. Electromagnetic radiation increases stress levels, causes chronic fatigue and reduces immunity. Salt lamps neutralize radiation and make gadgets practically safe. 

Improves sleep 

Those same negative ions help us sleep soundly and deeply, so a couple of small lamps in the bedroom will certainly provide you with quality sleep. It is especially worth trying this method for those who suffer from insomnia or often wake up: perhaps the whole thing is in the dirty air of the room. 

Improves mood 

Thanks to soft natural light, such lamps reduce stress levels, improve mood and promote soft harmonious awakening in the morning. Who among us loves bright lamps in the dark of the morning? The salt lamp shines softly and gently, so waking up with it is a pleasure. 

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