Why are prunes particularly useful?

Despite its specific taste and smell, Dried plum is very important in the diet of any person. Prunes concentrate many nutrients and fiber that are beneficial to the digestive system and internal organs’ ability to absorb the vitamins. Prunes stimulate peristalsis, which helps to eliminate toxins promptly.

Prunes contain many organic acids, pectin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, among the useful substances in the composition of prunes, several sugars – fructose, glucose, sucrose, and vitamins A, B, C, and PP.

What other positive effects have prunes

  • Сondition of your teeth – the prunes, despite the intimidating color, cleans teeth and can prevent their destruction, protect against tooth decay.
  • The number of bacteria in the body – with prunes, decreases drastically, as this dried fruit has an antibacterial effect.
  • Strength and endurance – prunes can give a lot of energy and bring the body in tone. Prunes are often recommended in the diet of people with a lack of vitamins and anemia.
  • On the condition of your digestive system – prune regulates the acid balance and promotes timely bowel cleansing.
  • On aging – prunes slow the aging of all; younger-looking body cells, skin, and internal organs work with the same forces.

Why are prunes particularly useful?

Who should not eat prunes

Despite the obvious benefits of plum, it should not be given to children and people with sensitive gastrointestinal system, as plums berries have a strong laxative effect.

Prunes can’t eat (any kind) people who have such health problems as:

  • diarrhea with indigestion;
  • diagnosed with diabetes mellitus;
  • intolerance to the components of the dried fruit;
  • kidney stones.

Due to the high caloric content, it is unnecessary to consume plum in obesity – up to 50 g per day. The same amount is recommended for lactating women so as not to cause digestive problems in infants.

How many prunes can you eat a day?

An adult healthy person is useful to eat during the day up to 6 pieces. If this rule exceeds, you can get indigestion from many dietary fibers in the composition.

Children are allowed to start eating prunes at 3 years old, beginning with small doses, carefully watching the small organism’s reaction.

Prunes are healthy and tasty in their pure form and dishes. So, from prunes to cook the meat in Greek with prunes, borsch with mushrooms and prunes, cocktail for weight loss, and lots of tasty dishes.

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