Why diets don’t work

Today the term “diet” in the field of healthy eating is one of the most used, it has become something fashionable and popular. Almost all of us stick to some kind of diet, but in most cases, doing it wrong, which further damages precious health.

After all, a diet is, first of all, a healthy diet, the rules for eating healthy food for the body. Therefore, this concept should not be confused with restriction in food, because the correct nutrition system is the most important and necessary process for normal robots of the whole organism.

Reasons for the ineffectiveness of diets

  • A common problem for people who are trying with all their might to fight excess weight is that at the slightest decision to take on their body, the result is expected not just fast, but instant. But there is no hurry with this! Before you go on a diet, you need to think carefully about everything and tune in not just for a long, but for constant work on yourself (in the full sense of the word). If a person is inclined to be overweight, and he really understands that this interferes with normal life, then the diet of food consumption will have to be monitored constantly, all his life. It is very important to choose a diet that is ideal for the body and will not cause stress. It is best to consult a nutritionist with this problem. By the way, the World Health Organization claims that 10% weight loss in 8-10 months is considered optimal. There is no need to rush, the main thing is a stable long-term result!
  • There are many cases when, as a result of a strict diet, a person gains even more kilograms than it was before. But this is not the worst thing, because great harm is done not only to the internal organs, but also to the nervous system, as well as the psyche. If the body does not receive a sufficient portion of calories for normal functioning, then it experiences stress and begins to burn primarily not fat, but protein in the muscles. At the same time, the skin becomes wrinkled, flabby, general malaise develops, immunity decreases, and the production of antibodies in the body worsens. Therefore, at the slightest opportunity to get something high in calories, the body begins to form fat reserves to get out of a stressful state. Therefore, we again return to what was already previously indicated, the diet is not fasting, but the correct diet. You need to determine how many calories your body requires and, in the process of regular intake, provide them to it in the form of healthy and vital foods, and as you lose weight, reduce the dose of food.
  • If the diet is already established, new problems begin, as they are often called – side effects. The skin loses its tone, begins to sag, wrinkles form. At the same time, we continue to work on ourselves, we move on to the stage of sports that is integral to the diet. To keep your body healthy on an intense diet, you need to exercise for at least an hour a day. If, after regular physical exertion, you stop exercising, then the muscle tissue weakens and, as a result, returns to its previous state – it is filled with fat layers.

The most effective diet is the right lifestyle

With the correct understanding of the word “diet” and the factors that directly influence and support it, you can acquire a new, close to ideal, and even an ideal body that you really like. But in order to consolidate what has been achieved, it is not worth relaxing, on the contrary, you need to constantly continue working on yourself so as not to lose your achievements. If a person understands that losing weight is hard, constant work that is worth the result, then he needs to know some rules of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and an effective diet.

  1. 1 The first rule is to give the body as much as it “asks for”. The daily intake of water is 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. Water improves metabolism and helps to remove toxins and other waste from the body, as well as regulates digestion, normalizes metabolism and eliminates the possibility of overeating.
  2. 2 A hearty breakfast is a guarantee of health and a slim figure. This does not mean a cup of coffee with a sandwich, but porridge, an egg, salad, and more.
  3. 3 It is important to include 1,2 g protein per 1 kg of body weight (50% vegetable protein) in every meal, as it controls not only the feeling of hunger, but also the signal of the body’s saturation with food, and also contributes to a calm state of the nervous system and the whole body.
  4. 4 It is necessary to exclude foods with a high glycemic index from the diet and fill it with fruits, vegetables, beans, lean cooked meat, etc.
  5. 5 Reducing the number of calories by 500 units. every day, but up to the limit of 1200 kcal. It is impossible to reduce below the minimum, since in this case the loss of excess weight will stop, since the body has the ability to protect itself from destruction. It begins to burn everything except fat cells, causing great damage to all internal organs and tissues. And if the body also ceases to receive the vitamins and vitamins necessary for normal functioning, it will begin to store calories in the form of fat at the slightest opportunity.
  6. 6 Under no circumstances should the feeling of hunger be allowed. Food intake should occur in fractional portions 5-6 times a day.
  7. 7 Sport is an integral part of the diet. To really look beautiful while losing weight, and not to show off saggy skin, to speed up the process of weight loss, you need to lead an active lifestyle – go in for sports or dance. With the help of physical exercises, it is necessary to burn 550 kcal per day, while the body will constantly get rid of 0,5 extra pounds per week. You cannot stop doing exercises after a while, because in this way the body in the open muscles will begin to store fat. A thinner body looks prettier by gaining muscle mass.

But none of the best nutritionists will help you to overcome excess weight, which so mercilessly kills your health, until you yourself realize that you really need it. The main thing is to slowly, but completely change the way of life, to understand that the struggle is not for short-term weight loss, but for a long and such a desired result.

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