Taoist perspective on longevity

Taoism is a philosophical and religious doctrine of China, which professes moral self-improvement along with a long, healthy life. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of the postulates of this ancient trend, which teach us longevity. The Taoist lives every day to the fullest. This means that his life is rich and full of experience. The Taoist is not in pursuit of immortality. What matters is not how many days are in your life, but how much life is in your days. In Taoist culture, there is a saying, which, translated into Russian, sounds something like this: “Garbage in the entrance makes garbage out.” If you eat unhealthy food, you become unhealthy. It’s very simple and logical. The body will not live a long and quality life until it receives a balanced, varied, healthy diet. Our body is a furnace that burns everything we eat. Overeating, as well as refined sugars, makes the body burn harder and burn faster. Some foods contain antioxidants. Fire uses oxygen to burn, so antioxidants are like firewood that helps slow down the burning process inside the cells. Some foods are particularly prominent in Taoist culture: green tea, bok choy, plum, white cabbage, yogurt, and brown rice. A person needs to listen well to himself in order to support the needs of the body. There are so many distractions, goals, imposed ideals, desires, expectations, attitudes, competition around that allegedly make us better, stronger. From the point of view of Taoism, all this is distracting noise. How can one count on longevity if a person is feverishly moving all his life to the rhythm of a big city? Taoists believe that in order to live long and healthy, everyone must move to the beat of their own rhythm and vibrations. Physical activity is of particular importance. Taoists have long used practices such as qigong to keep the body strong and healthy throughout life. It is also worth noting here that the load should be moderate. The Taoist master dances all his life and never fights with his essence. If you treat your body as an enemy, dominate it, then you yourself limit its lifespan. The more a person resists the world, the more the world resists in return. Excessive resistance inevitably leads to defeat. In other words, the Taoist goes through life with as little stress as possible. Many studies have confirmed that stress is the main factor contributing to aging. The Taoist way of life: focusing on good mood and minimizing stress. We are more than just mind and body. Man is a trinity of mind, body and spirit. The spirit is determined in the deeds and actions that we perform in life. Spiritual practice allows you to balance the mind and body.

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