Everything is good in moderation … and even green tea

The side effects of green tea are caused by the high content of catechin, also called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). At the same time, it is thanks to catechins, organic substances that are strong antioxidants, that green tea is good for health. Green tea lowers cholesterol levels, prevents the development of cancer cells and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, copes with diabetes and gum inflammation, promotes skin rejuvenation and improves concentration. Green tea contains caffeine, so it’s hard to tell if green tea is actually an alternative to coffee. So, 8 ounces (226 g) of green tea contains 24-25 mg of caffeine. Side effects of caffeine: • insomnia; • nervousness; • hyperactivity; • cardiopalmus; • muscle spasms; • irritability; • headache.

Side effects of tannin: On the one hand, tannin, the substance that gives green tea a tart taste, helps to remove heavy metals from the body, and on the other hand, it can cause indigestion. Consuming more than 5 cups of green tea a day can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and constipation. It is not recommended to drink green tea on an empty stomach. Green Tea May Reduce the Body’s Ability to Absorb Iron Research conducted in 2001 proved that the antioxidants in green tea can reduce the body’s ability to absorb iron from foods. However, more recent research refutes this claim. Green tea is not recommended during pregnancy Due to caffeine, doctors advise expectant mothers to limit green tea intake and not drink more than one cup of tea (200 ml) per day. But much more dangerous is that green tea reduces the body’s ability to absorb folic acid. And for the rapid development and growth of the fetus in the body of a woman, there must be a sufficient concentration of folic acid. The combination of green tea with drugs If you are taking any medications, be sure to check with your doctor before drinking green tea or taking green tea extract supplements. Green tea is known to inhibit the effects of adenosine, benzodiazepines, clozapine, and blood thinning medications. Take care of yourself! Source: blogs.naturalnews.com Translation: Lakshmi

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