Cleansing the body of parasites

 The human body is host to over 130 different types of parasites, ranging from subtle to huge. What exactly are these parasites, you may ask?

These are unicellular or multicellular animals that live on or in other organisms of another species, from their bodies they derive sustenance and protection, and they usually cause harm to the owner.

Experts estimate that about 50 million Americans are infected with worms and protozoa, some type of parasite. Up to 50% of the water supply in the United States is contaminated with a protozoan parasite called giardia. Giardia, which cannot be cured by chlorination, causes, according to official figures, more than 2 million infections each year.

You can say: “You are out of your mind, how can I be a receptacle for worms, I am quite clean, I am healthy,” but this does not mean that you are immune from the possibility of picking up a parasite. Where can you get infected? Many people have pets, they love them, kiss them and sleep with them. Maybe you have eaten raw or smoked fish, we love sushi so much. Yes, you can get parasites from dogs, cats, horses, in water, gardens, toilets, food, restaurants and grocery stores, etc. In many countries it is part of everyday life!

I am sure that you take a dog or a cat from a kennel where it was treated according to the deworming program and carried out the necessary tests. In some countries, children are checked annually for parasites. Here in the US, the threat of parasites is almost completely ignored. Our allopathic testing methods are outdated, and problems caused by parasites are usually viewed through the lens of symptom mitigation, and nothing more! At one time, only very strong chemicals were used to kill parasites, but they also poisoned you, even if you didn’t feel it!

Now natural medicine offers its own solutions. We have herbs that parasites hate but are safe for humans. Parasites cannot kill us, but they steal your food and lead to the destruction of organs, causing many diseases. Many common symptoms such as chronic fatigue, headaches, constipation, gas, bloating, premature aging and anemia can be caused by parasitic infections. According to official data from the National Center for Research and Disease Control, over the past 25 years, one in six people has been the owner of one or more parasites.

One way to get rid of parasites is the apple diet. It’s easy to eat apples for one week and it’s a good way to detoxify your body.

Here are some tips to get you started. Eat as many organic apples and drink as much apple juice as you want to fill up. You should also drink plenty of water to help your body flush out toxins and parasites. On the third and fourth day, start taking garlic capsules (parasites cannot tolerate them). Then drink papaya juice or eat the fruit itself. Also, drink a few cups of herbal tea with mint or hay. To continue expelling parasites from the body, eat a handful of raw pumpkin seeds with one tablespoon of olive or castor oil.

For the next three days of this week, eat plenty of garlic and onions, as well as whole grains like rice, quinoa, and green salad daily. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! It is important to thoroughly cleanse your organs, get rid of all parasites and toxins, otherwise you will feel sick! Remember, it is necessary to avoid all dairy, starchy foods and especially sweets that parasites feed on.

Some other tea herbs that are optional – fennel, basil, oregano, olive leaves, milk thistle – can also help detoxify the liver. Other more popular remedies for expelling parasites are black walnut, wormwood, and cloves. They also help the liver get rid of accumulated toxins and other chemicals. All toxins from your other organs must pass through the liver before being eliminated from the intestines.

If you feel like you still haven’t rid yourself of all the toxins, or feel overwhelmed, I recommend aloe or ipecac. To relax the intestines, grapefruit seeds are very good, but they are very powerful, you need to use them little by little!

After you get rid of all the toxins, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system with the help of echinacea extract. Add foods to your diet gradually and stick to a healthy eating plan.

You won’t believe how good and refreshed you will feel when all the parasites leave your digestive system!

Cindy Burroughs


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