What are the benefits of quail eggs

Since ancient times, quail eggs have been eaten, and Egyptian papyri and Chinese medicine recipes tell about them. In Japan, it was even legally prescribed for children to eat 2-3 quail eggs daily, as they positively affected the development of their brain activity.

There was also another undeniable benefit of quail eggs in baby food – they did not cause allergies, unlike chicken eggs. This discovery made it possible to easily introduce healthy proteins and yolks into the menu of each child, which led to the overall improvement of the health of the younger generation.

Plus, quails do not suffer from salmonellosis, and therefore they can be used raw in the preparation of creams and cocktails, keeping intact all the vitamins and trace elements, which is much more than in chicken eggs.

If you take the same weight of quail eggs and chicken eggs, then quail eggs will contain 2.5 times more B vitamins, 5 times more potassium and iron, as well as vitamin A, copper, phosphorus, and amino acids.

The shell of quail eggs, which contains calcium, copper, fluorine, sulfur, zinc, silicon, and many other elements, is easily absorbed by the body and is useful for forming teeth, bones, and bone marrow.

The use of quail eggs strengthens the immune system and normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, heart, and blood vessels. This product is recommended to prevent cancer, nervous diseases and conditions, hypertension, asthma, diabetes.

Tyrosine in quail eggs is used in the manufacture of cosmetics – for hair, facial skin, and anti-aging lines. For men’s health, quail eggs are also beneficial and are considered more powerful than Viagra tablets.

How to cook properly

Cook quail eggs for no longer than 5 minutes in boiling water, and fry for a couple under the lid for 2-3 minutes. So they preserve vitamins and trace elements as much as possible. Wash the eggs thoroughly before cooking.

How much can I eat

Children under 3 years of age, with daily use, are allowed to eat no more than 2 quail eggs a day, from 3 to 10 years – 3 pieces, teenagers-4, adults-no more than 6.

Who can’t eat

You should reduce the use of quail eggs if you have obesity, gallstone disease, stomach and intestinal diseases, people with food allergies to protein.

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