Radicality in everything: a nutritionist tells what is common between bloggers who quit veganism

According to the nutritionist, former vegans had health problems, but they refused to believe that their problems were not caused by a vegan diet, but by other reasons. They believe they know more than doctors and specialists, despite their lack of medical knowledge. In addition, most former vegans have been on extreme diets such as raw food, low fat high carbohydrate diets, fasting. 

Gojiman believes that ex-vegans usually went vegan for health reasons, not ethical reasons. “Most of the former vegans came to Vengance because of health problems” – mostly intestinal problems, acne and mental health problems. “Common story: “I was kind of an ethical vegan, then I got bacterial overgrowth syndrome in the small intestine, and then I started buying carpets made from animals or sneakily eating animal products while pretending to be ethical. How many former vegans can you name who just had a balanced diet all the time and, for example, didn’t drink their own urine?” he asks. 

The last remark appears to be a reference to former vegan and athlete Tim Schiff, who practiced urine therapy by ingesting his own urine for purported health benefits. He stated that killing an animal with his own hands is the “next step” for him after returning to eating animals. “I feel like the next step for me is to kill the animal myself. I have to face it myself,” he said.

Schiff stopped veganism due to health concerns, claiming he developed serious problems after a 35-day fast during which he only consumed distilled water. After his announcement, he faced backlash from vegans. Many in the comments pointed out that his health problems could be due to years of drinking his own urine and going on extreme diets: “He is sick of strange diets, and he blames it on veganism. I bet he’ll get sick again in a year and blame it on the eggs! Hmm, don’t you think that drinking urine for 2 years contributed to your health problems, Tim? Unsubscribe”.

ETHCS, the vegan clothing company founded by Schiff, stopped working with him in order to continue upholding the same values ​​it was founded on.

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