How beetroot will help prolong your youth

Beetroot in our cuisine is most often used in borscht dressings or as a color addition to vegetable dishes. Nutritionists encourage us to use foreign foods, ignoring the properties of the foods that grow in our beds. But beetroot benefits are not inferior to overseas exotics, and the price is much more affordable.


Hippocrates also noticed the amazing properties of beetroot and recommended its use to treat inflammation and external skin diseases. Beetroot was also prescribed for anemia.

Antioxidant properties


Beetroot is a natural antioxidant and retains its properties after heat treatment. In the beet season, you should especially focus on this product – this will prolong your youth, as the body will be able to repel harmful attacks from the environment.

It is ideal for eating beetroot raw in salads or baked in the peel.

For weight loss

Beetroot helps to lose weight, as it is a source of fiber and betaine-a substance that helps to absorb and process protein that enters the human body. At the same time, it is advisable to eat beets before meat and other protein dishes to create conditions for digestion in advance. That is, beet salad is a great option for an aperitif. And fiber will help you get rid of toxins and toxins in your intestines in time.

Against greasy skin


Excessively oily skin is usually found in people who have enlarged pores. Beetroot, in this case, affects the work of the sebaceous glands in such a way that they stop producing excessive grease, the pores are cleaned and noticeably narrowed. Also, thanks to the fiber and cleaning the body, the skin has every chance to look healthier, and due to vitamin U, which is also a source of beetroot, allergic skin manifestations will decrease.

Adjustment of the hormonal system

Disconnection of all systems in the body, including hormonal, leads to premature aging. Beetroot contains rare boron compounds that can normalize the work of hormones. This is especially important for the female body.


In addition, this useful root vegetable strengthens blood vessels and eliminates calcium deposits on their walls, which helps the blood to circulate normally and give your face a healthy appearance.

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