Vegetarians eat more nutritious food than meat eaters.

American doctors conducted a large-scale study of youth nutrition – it covered more than 2 thousand people – and found that, in general, a kill-free diet provides young people with a more complete, varied and healthy diet than non-vegetarian food.

This destroys the popular myth among meat-eaters that vegetarians are supposedly unhappy and unhealthy people who deny themselves so much, eat monotonous and boring! It turns out that in fact, everything is just the opposite – meat-eaters tend to believe that meat consumption covers the body’s need for nutrients – and they eat less plant and generally various healthy foods than they impoverish their body.

The study was conducted on the basis of data from 2516 men and women, aged 12 to 23 years. Of these, 4,3% were vegetarians, 10,8% were vegetarians and 84,9% were never vegetarians (that is, in other words, natural meat-eaters).

Doctors have established an interesting pattern: despite the fact that young vegetarians do not eat meat and other animal products, their nutrition is more complete, as the doctors decided, by eating more vegetables and fruits, and less fat. On the other hand, their peers, who are not used to denying themselves a piece of meat, are distinguished by a predisposition to be overweight and even obese.

In general, this study once again proved that a vegetarian diet is diverse and beneficial for health. After all, a person who consciously switches to a vegetarian diet (and not just suddenly decides to sit on pasta alone!) Consumes a greater variety of delicious and most importantly healthy dishes than those who have not yet tried an ethical “green” diet think.




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