Superfoods – rules of use.

What are super foods? When you ask your friends what superfoods are, you usually hear in response: “This is something very useful and brought from distant countries.”

Friends are only partly right. Superfoods are energy natural cocktails that mother nature combined in a root, berry, fruit, seed into one whole so that all living things on earth, including humans, receive vital nutrients and function happily ever after, not knowing disease and old age. Super foods as products for a long and healthy life.

In modern life, refined and freeze-dried food is becoming more and more widespread, safe from the point of view of sanitary standards, but absolutely useless for the body. It has nothing but combined fats and complex carbohydrates, which lead to temporary saturation of the body. In response, our brain, which is chronically deprived of vital polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, increases appetite and forces the owner to absorb new portions of food to obtain the nutrients that he needs to maintain normal all biochemical processes occurring inside, regardless of the person every second. .

Because of this discrepancy between the food consumed and the real needs of the body, hormonal instigations begin, which lead to problems in childbearing, obesity, diabetes, oncology, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and many others.

In the last two decades, the culture of eating superfoods has been actively developed. These are natural food products collected from all over the world from the traditional nutritional systems of the peoples of the world, which were used to increase immunity, general healing and rejuvenation of the body. These include: honey and bee products, roots and herbs, nuts, seaweed, fresh and dried fruits, berries, juices, germinated seeds and grains, cold-pressed vegetable oils.

The origin of superfood knowledge.

In all ages and throughout the life of many civilizations, there has been a search for food products that would heal the human body as a whole. Sorcerers, druids, shamans had knowledge about magical berries, roots, crystals, herbs, seeds, which, when used even in small doses, performed miraculous transformations and brought terminally ill people back to life. They composed fairy tales, ballads and sang songs about it. And people with secret knowledge were afraid, sometimes they were killed, but in case of a serious illness they looked for and asked for help. The skepticism towards miracle products in the modern world has been replaced by interest in them. How Super Foods Came into Our Lives.

Scientists, having studied the compositions of magical products in modern laboratories, came to the conclusion that magic has nothing to do with it, and the biochemical composition of the studied products contains all the substances vital to a person, sometimes in huge quantities, which the body cannot produce itself, but receives from outside. With a chronic lack of such substances, the process of early aging and death of a person at an early age from seemingly incurable diseases occurs.

It turns out that everything ingenious is simple. The use of super-products, even in small doses, but for a long time, leads to a general harmonization of the whole organism as a whole. And even then, if the human body receives all the substances it needs every day, then all biochemical processes take place in a normal mode. The endocrine system regulates the vital functions of childbearing, intracellular renewal, elimination of toxins and waste products. All internal organs work normally, and the cardiovascular system is not clogged with harmful cholesterol, because it is excreted in time. Beauty and the dream of eternal youth came true. Eat super food people and you will be forever young and happy.

The effect of superfoods on the human body Something like this is what the manufacturers of dietary supplements say. But it’s not so simple. No wonder the secret knowledge about super-foods was owned only by the initiates and used them as medicines. If a healthy young man, with a perfectly functioning body, cherishing the dream of eternal youth in his soul, begins to eat super foods in unlimited quantities, then the body will accept all these vital substances as the norm of life and learn to live with such a menu. And you will feel great about it. But when switching to another diet, an acute lack of familiar foods and the usual norm of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, polyunsaturated acids, polysaccharides and other substances will cause a protest in the body, which will be reflected in all systems both at the physiological and psychophysical levels.

First of all, after giving up super foods, after a while, two weeks later, when the hidden reserves run out, a person becomes depressed. This is the dissatisfaction of the body due to the abolition of its usual food. In the future, it will be replaced by the appearance of inexplicable diseases: tooth decay, hair loss, decreased immunity, and violations of childbearing functions. This reaction of the body to the abolition of the usual way of eating is experienced by everyone who changes the region of residence and moves there for permanent residence. Even a change of water is painfully perceived by the body, and here the opportunity to consume vital substances in large quantities, and even regularly, is lost.

Rules for eating superfoods

What to do? Look for the golden mean. The search for compromises has always made it possible for a person to live in harmony with his health, when skeptics and stubborn people lost in the battle called “life”. All super-products should be taken according to the needs of the body, and not for the sake of entertainment. “Look, I’m such a superman: I eat super foods,” such a principle does not fit this magical food at all.

Treat them like medicines and take courses like a delicious healing potion for 10-21 days. Take a break from superfoods for at least 10 days before returning to your favorite food. You can change them as needed. Study the composition of the super – product.

Many of them have the same composition and are interchangeable. Listen to your body. If you have eaten and want more, this is a signal from the body: “Thank you, I received it, but these nutrients will not be enough to cover my needs. Give me more.” On the first day, you can eat several servings. The body itself will let you know that it is completely saturated. On plant foods, he develops a specific sensation called “set on edge”. When it appears, respect the requirements of the body and do not eat through force just because it is necessary.

Also, do not force-feed children if they refuse some food product. Suggest they try. After trying, they will understand whether they need this product or not. If the body needs these substances, it develops an appetite, and causes a desire to eat this particular food. And the children feel it very well. Learn from them to properly saturate the body. If over time you have lost this relationship with yourself. In modern life, with the help of super foods and modern medicine, you can really live for a very long time.

In youth, their use will become a prevention against serious illnesses, and after forty it will be a good help in the fight against senile changes in the body. Until a very old age, a person can remain in his right mind and full memory. But no one could cancel old age. It’s just that with super foods, it will come about ten years later than with peers, which is also not bad at all.                               




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