10 most charming vegetarians

1. Madonna

It’s no secret that Madonna takes quite seriously not only her work, but also her health and that of her loved ones. The singer approaches the choice of food for the home table with full responsibility and teaches this to her children. In her diet there is no place for meat, as well as fatty, salty and sweet. She believes that such dishes are unacceptable in the life of a person who cares about his health.

2. Anne Hathaway

A wonderful actress, bright girl, cheerful and charming Anne Hathaway is a supporter of plant-based nutrition. She has not eaten meat products for a long time and has never regretted it.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer’s excellent figure will make any girl envy her. She is active and popular. Her dance moves are captivating. What is the secret of the singer’s mobility and lightness? The answer is simple – taking care of your health and proper nutrition. She recently gave up animal food and has repeatedly emphasized in her interviews the improvement in well-being.

4. Adele

The singer has given up meat products since 2011, saying she can’t eat animal meat because she immediately remembers the eyes of her beloved dog.

5. Natalie Portman

Nine years ago, Natalie Portman completely abandoned the use of animal products, emphasizing that she had been ready for such a responsible step in life for a long time. Since childhood, she realized that meat dishes have no place on the home table. Now she is not only a vegetarian, but also an animal rights activist.

6.    Pamela Anderson

50-year-old Pamela is a vegetarian and is absolutely sure that it is plant foods that help the actress maintain a luxurious appearance to this day. She admits that the main thing is to enjoy eating food, then it will benefit the body, and it, in turn, will delight with a beautiful reflection in the mirror.

7. Kate Winslet

The Hollywood actress is an outspoken animal advocate and has collaborated with PETA on numerous occasions to talk about animal abuse. Kate has long been a plant-based eater with a preference for green plants and tries to instill this love in her children.

8. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is a committed vegetarian and animal rights activist. She is involved in charitable causes, is a member of cancer communities and is an active citizen in the field of environmental protection.

9. Jessica Chastain

American actress and producer Jessica Chastain has been a vegetarian for over 15 years and a vegan since she was 20. In an interview, the star admitted that veganism for her, first of all, means living in a world without violence and cruelty. In 2012, the world famous organization PETA named the red-haired beauty the sexiest vegetarian.

10   Brigitte Bardot

Movie star, sex symbol of the 60s Brigitte Bardot is not only a staunch vegetarian, but also a person who devoted most of her time to animals. She created her own foundation for the protection of animal rights and considers it her meaning of life. Bridget says the following about this: “I gave my youth and beauty to people, now I give my wisdom and experience to animals.”

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