Why does a woman need iron?

Health experts have calculated that women have at least five good reasons to pay serious attention to adequate iron intake. Found in many herbal products, it gives energy, protects against colds, is beneficial for pregnant women, and, when consumed in the right amount, protects against Alzheimer’s in old age.

Doctors note that taking special iron supplements is often associated with the risk of iron overdose, which is harmful to health – especially for older women. Therefore, it is best to consume foods containing iron.

One of the saddest misconceptions of meat eaters is that supposedly iron can only be obtained from meat, liver and fish. This is far from the truth: for example, dark chocolate, beans and spinach contain more iron per gram of weight than beef liver! By the way, cases of iron deficiency anemia in vegetarians are observed no more often than in meat eaters – so there is no logical connection between anemia and vegetarianism.

The richest sources of natural iron are (in descending order): soybeans, molasses, lentils, green leafy vegetables (especially spinach), tofu cheese, chickpeas, tempeh, lima beans, other legumes, potatoes, prune juice, quinoa, tahini, cashews and many other vegan products (see extended list in English, and in Russian with iron nutritional information).


Iron helps to oxygenate body tissues from the hemoglobin in red blood cells. Therefore, it seems that consuming enough iron from natural products gives vigor and strength for every day – and this is noticeable whether you are engaged in fitness or not.

cold protection

Iron helps the body fight infections, as it optimizes the absorption of B vitamins, and thereby strengthens the immune system.

Help with workouts

A recent publication in the scientific Journal of Nutrition points to a direct link between consuming enough iron-containing foods and fitness training success in women. Women who do not lack iron are able to train with greater efficiency and with less stress on the heart!

In pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when it is especially important for a woman to consume enough iron. Iron deficiency can lead to low fetal weight, abnormalities in the formation of the child’s brain and a decrease in his mental potential (memory and the ability to master motor skills worsen).

Protection against Alzheimer’s disease

Two-thirds of Alzheimer’s sufferers are women. In a significant number of cases, this serious illness is caused by … excessive iron intake! No, of course not with spinach – with chemical food additives in which the dosage of iron can be dangerously high.

How much iron exactly does a woman need? Scientists have calculated: women from 19 to 50 years old need to consume 18 milligrams of iron daily, pregnant women – 27 mg; after 51 years, you need to consume 8 mg of iron per day (not exceeding this amount!). (In men, the iron intake is about 30% lower).



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