Vegetarianism is one step to health

More and more people are deciding for themselves to become vegetarians. Some, because it is fashionable, others, realizing that this is the path to health and beauty. But still, why do people decide to give up meat food and become vegetarians?

For many people, this is based on moral principles. By refusing food of animal origin, a person takes another step towards perfection, and also becomes more humane. The second reason is health. There is a lot of debate now about how important animal protein is. It has already been proven that animal protein poisons the body with its decay products. Harmful substances accumulate in the body and this affects not only the general condition and health of a person but also his appearance.

Another reason is that cooking meat requires more salt than vegetables. And as you know, salt is the enemy of health. It has been proven that a person who eats meat is more aggressive, and this does not have the best effect on his health. If you have decided for yourself to embark on the path of vegetarianism, you should remember that there should be a measure in everything. The transition to vegetarianism should be gradual, and smooth so that the body does not experience stress.

It is worth remembering that by giving up meat, you are taking a step towards health, but there will be no benefit if you give up bad habits. These are alcohol and tobacco smoking. For health, it is not enough just to exclude meat from your diet, but it is also important to properly compose your diet. There are different options for vegetarianism. Vegetarians don’t eat meat. People who consume eggs and dairy products in their diet are called ovolactic vegetarians. Vegans – not only do not eat all meat products and fish, but also all animal products. Milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese, and eggs.

There is always a choice in our life. But many do not think about what they eat. And only when looking at his plate, at a cutlet or a piece of meat, a person realizes that he is eating an animal that lived for himself, did not touch anyone, and then they killed him so that he could eat it, only realizing all the horror of this, realizing what fear the animal experienced when it was killed, only then is a full refusal of this food possible. Do not be afraid that if you give up meat, you will starve. Now there are many different sites and groups on social networks where people talk about how they came down this path and share their recipes, but remember that a sudden transition can provoke diseases of the stomach and intestines. Everything should be gradual.

First, exclude smoked, boiled sausages, it is better to replace pork with a more dietary one, such as turkey. It is also better to refuse fried meat. Gradually reduce your meat intake to 2 times a week. Eat more salads and vegetables. And also exclude soups with meat broth. Try to include more vegetables, both fresh and boiled, in your diet. Kashi should not be ignored either. After a while, you will surely feel light, many health problems will cease to be felt.

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