Uma Thurman: vegetarian for over 30 years!

Director James Iwaori considers Uma Thurman’s appearance attractive for his kind of inhuman beauty that comes from the depths of the soul. Therefore, the actress skillfully copes with any role, be it an aristocrat or a sensual girl.

The daughter of a Swedish model and Buddhist scholar spent her sunny childhood in a small town. She left for New York as a teenager and began her career as a dishwasher and waitress. Then she tried herself in the role of a model, and only a year later the future celebrity began to appear in big movies. After the premiere of the films “Henry and June,” Dangerous Liaisons “, Uma Thurman became famous. They began to invite her to the shooting. Among the films in which Uma played the main roles – “Kill Bill”, Pulp Fiction “, as well as the beloved comedies” My super-ex “,” The Accidental Husband. “The personal life of the star resembles a zebra color: romantic encounters, parting, love and disappointment … Gary Oldman became the actress’s first husband when she was 20 years old. Then seven years of marriage to Ethan Hawke and the birth of two children.

In 2007, Uma falls in love with Arpadad Busson, a famous financier. They decide to live in a civil marriage. They have a daughter. But soon, despite seven years of marriage, their relationship ends in parting. Despite such a fickle personal life, Uma Thurman has never enjoyed success with the tabloid press, paparazzi, since she has never “been PR” on this. You can learn from Uma her “steely” endurance, how she knows how to restrain emotions, to keep peace of mind. No one has ever seen the actress in a depressed and upset state, even when there were failures in work. Surely, her communication with her Buddhist father was not in vain. Uma makes any decision in her life in favor of life.

The beauty and slender figure of Uma Thurman at the age of 40 will be the envy of any girl. We must pay tribute that the star gave birth to three children, and at the same time has not lost the status of one of the most attractive and sexy women in the world. Uma Thurman herself considers proper nutrition and lifestyle the secret of her beauty and good health. She tries to drink many liters of spring water during the day.

According to her, water cleanses the body of toxins and toxins and has a good effect on the skin. Despite the “busy” work schedule, great employment, Uma never eats fast foods on the go. She constantly adheres to a macrobiotic diet based on oriental traditions: each product fills the body with the living energy of Yin and Yang.

The star’s daily menu consists of whole grains and cereals, vegetable dishes, raw vegetables and fruits, legumes, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, pickles and pickled vegetables, seaweed, and seafood. Uma also tried her hand at “raw food”. And finally, she quit smoking. Since the age of 11, Uma has not eaten meat! Constantly improving spiritually and physically. Is engaged in yoga, wushu, pilates. Conducts cardio workouts. And she does not get tired of keeping herself in great shape!

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