The truth about bruises

A bruise is blood that has accumulated inside the human body due to rupture of blood vessels. The main reason for the appearance of bruises is well known to everyone – bruises. However, the occurrence of bruises can also be triggered by other factors: beriberi (indicates a lack of vitamins C and K), certain diseases (for example, lupus, liver cirrhosis, hemophilia, etc.), taking antipyretic and analgesic drugs (too high dosages of paracetamol or aspirin dilute blood).

Bruises and hematomas should be distinguished. They have different consequences, despite the similarity of the external manifestation. Bruises are a mild form of trauma and occur at the site of damage to the capillaries. More serious injuries are referred to as hematomas and often require urgent medical attention.

Ordinary bruises disappear on their own in one to two weeks. The longest – up to a month – bruises on the legs heal. This is due to the high blood pressure experienced by the vessels of the legs. To reduce swelling and speed up the healing of the injury site, it is recommended to initially hold the injured limb in an upright position, then apply cold compresses for the first two to three days. After five to seven days, therapy can be changed and warm baths can be used. During this time, the bruise should change many shades: from rich blue-violet to pale yellow-green. The absence of color change is a reason to see a doctor. As well as a “long-playing” bruise that does not go away for two months. Over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs can be helpful in dealing with bruising. However, do not forget that all drugs have their own contraindications, and it is recommended, if possible, to discuss their use with your doctor.

You may be surprised, but there are also useful bruises! They are formed with specific methods of treatment, stimulating the blood supply and activating the immune system. The body perceives a specially created bruise as a wound and throws all its reserves into its treatment, which means that the cells begin to recover faster and the condition of nearby organs improves along the way. This principle is most widely used in the use of medical jars. They are used mainly for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system and the spine. The resulting bruises improve blood circulation at the site of their appearance and contribute to the rapid resolution of inflammation.

Of course, you should not resort to self-treatment with bruises. As you should not consult a doctor if you experience any slightest bruising. A sensible approach to your health, backed up by knowledge of the possible consequences – this is what will provide you with great well-being!

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